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New Google Feature Could Keep Traffic From Websites

Google introduced a new feature for search results pages this week, which displays so-called facts in the snippets of specific results. It’s yet another way of Google displaying information on a page that could mean the user doesn’t have to bother clicking through to a third-party website. What do you think of this feature? Good or bad for users? For …

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Google Introduces Structured Snippets

Google announced the launch of “structured snippets,” a new feature that puts “facts” in the snippets of web results. As with Google’s Knowledge Graph, these facts may or may not be accurate. Here’s what they look like: The company says, “The WebTables research team has been working to extract and understand tabular data on the Web with the intent to …

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Google Has Been Messing Around With The Way It Displays Snippets In Search Results

Google has been busy as usual making numerous changes to its search algorithms, and on Thursday, the company posted a big list of 65 changes it made during the months of August and September. 7 of these changes were related to the snippets Google shows on search results pages. Google has refreshed the data is uses to generate sitelinks in …

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