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iPad Usage Quadruples Among Small Business Owners iPad Usage Quadruples Among Small Business Owners

According to The Business Journals, IPad is the fastest growing technology among Small business owners. A national study released by the company reveals how critical the new technology is among small to mid-sized business (SMB) owners. According to the findings, …

How Are The Olympics And Entrepreneurs Similar?
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The winter Olympics are off to an interesting start, as always. And while I’ve only caught parts, I did manage to watch short track skating when Apolo Ohno miraculously won silver. From the qualifying heats to the final race he was pretty amazing to watch.

While his competition in those qualifying races wasn’t super stiff, you could still see the mark of experience…As well as how strong and fit he is going into this competition. In both of those early heats he calmly hung out in the back of the pack waiting for the chance to make his move.

Change Your SEO Campaign

We are still in the wake of the historic election and the most prominent word that seems to be on everyone’s mind is change. Now, for change to come from Washington we all can safely say, regardless of party affiliation, that it will take quite a while. In other words, don’t hold your breath unless you are ready to pass out from lack of oxygen. There is one area, however, where you can enact change and possibly have an effect on your business before the Inauguration in January. That area is your search engine optimization efforts.

Search Marketing Has Two Sides

Search marketing has two distinct faces. One is a purely technical side that deals with percentages and code and all things geeky. The other is the reason why you do it: to do more business via the Internet. I have seen these two sides face off and claim that the mere existence of the other makes life impossible for them. I have seen these two not communicate at all. I have also seen these two sides cooperate. In the end though, this is all behind the scenes stuff. How we look to the business world should be on everyone’s mind.
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Small Biz Has An Attitude About Search
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Though the small and medium business (SMB) market has a handle on the importance of a website, nearly six out of ten are not actively doing search or other types of online marketing.

Sonasoft Experiences Record Growth

Business is booming for Sonasoft, a San Jose-based company specializing in backup, recovery, and replication software. According to the latest press release, both revenue and customer installations grew by 200 percent in the first half of 2006.

Quicken Maker Uveils New SMB Mgmt. Tool

All small and midsized business (SMB) owners face the challenge of managing the backend operations (accounting and bookkeeping). The task can be tedious and time consuming, especially with data that needs to be put together for analysis is spread out over several channels.

SMB Caching

A customer had a particular shared folder setup so that only he had access to it.

Principles of Productivity and Operations Management for Small and Mid-size Business

For this article, I selected a sector that has not been covered by authors and could hardly be found in books for Operations Management. I find this topic’s importance and significance to the global economy, and the Western, in particular, very high.

IBM Aims P5 At SMB Market

New UNIX systems for small and medium businesses utilizing a version of the IBM Power5 chip will be available from IBM in quad-core and other configurations.

Running Samba on the Mac OS X Server
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Mac OS X Server is an Apple operating system product based on Mac OS X, with the addition of administrative tools and server software. One area in which it differs from Mac OS X is in the configuration of Samba-based services.