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Xbox One TV, SmartGlass Updates Previewed

Last year’s Xbox One unveiling was widely ridiculed in gaming circles. The announcement focused on the Xbox One as an all-in-one entertainment platform rather than a gaming machine. The presentation focused heavily on the console’s TV capabilities, as shown in the now-infamous video that collect’s all of the presentation’s mentions of the passive medium. Since that time, Microsoft has listened …

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Can SmartGlass Make Xbox One Games Better?

In 2012, Microsoft introduced SmartGlass for Xbox 360 to the world. It was Microsoft’s foray into the second screen gaming experience that Nintendo kicked off with the Wii U a year prior. Unlike Nintendo’s console, however, Microsoft would let you use any tablet or phone to get additional information about a game or movie. With the launch of the Xbox …

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Microsoft Details SmartGlass For Xbox One

At E3 2012, Microsoft announced SmartGlass for the Xbox 360. The technology provided a second-screen experience on Xbox 360 games and apps that allowed users to access certain information about said games and apps from a tablet or smartphone. It showed a lot of promise, but not a lot of games used it. Now Microsoft is hoping an upgraded version …

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Xbox SmartGlass Finally Shows Up On iOS

Microsoft’s answer to the Wii U, Xbox SmartGlass, was one of the more impressive things we saw from the company at E3. It turned out to be pretty neat when it launched on Windows 8 and Android devices last month. iOS users, however, were left without a SmartGlass app of their very own. The Xbox team is finally delivering the …

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Xbox Entertainment Launching On Windows 8 PCs This Friday

Xbox is no longer associated with just gaming. Microsoft is uniting all of its entertainment choices under the same brand. Those entertainment choices are launching in earnest later this week as Windows 8 is made available to the general public on Friday. Xbox Entertainment has already rolled out to some users in the form of a dashboard update on the …

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Microsoft Developers Can Now Access the SmartGlass SDK

Microsoft’s new SmartGlass technology was met with a collective “meh” at the company’s big E3 press conference. The technology is what Microsoft hopes will make the Xbox the heart of customers’ media center. It works to display relevant information on smartphones and tablets about what is on the TV screen. The best use of the technology that has been shown …

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