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In-App Subscriptions Now Available On Google Play

Android has a problem – it can’t monetize itself very well. Some people blame it on the fact that the Android market is severely fragmented while others blame it on Google limiting the amount of options that developers can use to monetize their apps. Google is at least going to fix the latter starting today. An announcement went out today …

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E-Waste Recycling Turns Phones Into Gold

We throw things away. It’s just part of being a consumer culture. If a phone breaks or we’re done with the current technology, we can either sell it or throw it away. Unfortunately, the majority of American seem to think they can only throw away that old cell phone. Today’s infographic from Server Monkey seeks to inform Americans of all …

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UK Newspapers Prompt Shutdown Of Cell Phones

As we reported last month, Facebook has become a popular way to stay connected while serving time behind bars. While some may use the social networking site just to pass time, other more insidious characters have been using their profiles to send threatening messages or mock victims and their families. The Daily Record in the UK has also been following …

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Verizon’s Push Pays Off Big Time!

Today Verizon Wireless announced that they have added 1.5 million new customers over the last quarter and that smartphones are on the rise big time! Last quart only 39% of users were on smartphones, now over 44% of their total wireless subscribers are using them. This is no doubt due to the great incentives Verizon sponsors in order to attract …

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Who’s Buying and How?

Researchers have always explained women’s love of shopping as the hunter versus gatherer instinct. Men would bring home the kill and women would forage for grains and berries. Since these primitive times the world has changed and technology has been a key component to our evolution. Taking a look at a new study by Zmags reveals we may not have …

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CES 2012: Pandora Owns The Digital Airwaves

Everybody loves Pandora Radio and 125 million users can’t be wrong. Pandora used CES as an excuse to boast their ridiculous number of registered users and new partnerships that further cement them as a major player in the Internet radio business. First up, Pandora declared that they have now moved up to more than 125 million registered users. This is …

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