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Amy Schumer Stunned by Sudden Fame

Amy Schumer says the success of her Comedy Central show Inside Amy Schumer took her by surprise. “When the ratings first came in, [Comedy Central] was like, ‘Oh, um, 3 million people watched last night.’ I was like, ‘What?’ It sounded like an accident,” Schumer recently told TV Guide. When asked about comparisons to actress and comedian Kristin Wiig, Schumer’s …

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Restaurant Owner says Tips Do Disservice to Workers

Jay Porter, the owner and team leader over at the Linkery had an epiphany one day, and decided his San Diego restaurant should axe its tipping policy in favor of an 18 percent service charge on every check. That percentage, he says, is less than their tip average was before the change, and yet had magnanimous results on the workers …

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Spitzer Hired To Write Financial Column For Slate

Former controversial New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, who was forced to resign amid a call girl scandal, will now have a new job writing a column for about finances and the economy.

The column is called "The Best Policy," and will run every other week. In his debut column for Slate titled "Too Big Not To Fail" Spitzer takes the U.S. government to task for trying to bailout financial institutions.

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Slate Preparing “The Big Money” Business Site

I haven’t seen "Wheel of Fortune" in a long time, but I suspect someone at Slate has been watching closely.  To borrow a phrase from people who shout at spinning things, the online magazine’s new business site will be called "The Big Money."

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