Movable Type Goes To Japan

Movable Type Goes To Japan

By Chris Richardson January 21, 2011

Six Apart, now a member of Say Media, is breaking up the band, at least to a degree.  The developers of the Movable Type social media platform have permitted Infocom to gain control of Six Apart KK, their Japanese subsidiary.

Part of the deal includes Six Apart KK gaining responsibility for the Movable Type service, a move that puzzled some members.

TypePad Connects You Via Google, Yahoo, AOL, WordPress, Etc.

Six Apart has made it simple for nearly anyone to sign in to TypePad Connect with other existing accounts via OpenID. If you have an account with Google, Yahoo, Blogger, Vox, LiveJournal, Wordpress.com, or AOL, you can easily sign in.

Six Apart Reveals the Laws of Motion

Six Apart, the company behind the popular Movable Type blogging platform recently introduced a free social application for use with that platform. Now, they have posted the "laws" of this application. Those are:

Pownce Founders Joining Six Apart Team

The first major micro-blogging casualty has emerged over the past week. Pownce, a Twitter-like lifestreaming service, announced it was closing its doors (figuratively speaking) mid-December.

Six Apart Acquiring Pownce, Pulling Plug
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Here’s hoping most Pownce users haven’t made huge plans for their holiday vacations.  It turns out that the launched-in-2007 company has been acquired by Six Apart and will shut its doors on December 15th, so they’ll likely need to spend some time becoming familiar with a different service.

TypePad’s Blogger Bailout For Laid-Off Journalists
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Anil DashTypePad has introduced a "bailout" program for journalists who have been laid off or expect to be.

BlogWorld Expo: New Media 101
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Andy Wibbels, product manager for Blogs.com, at Six Apart spoke about the basic fundamentals of new media and blogging.

(WebProNews spent the weekend in Vegas at the BlogWorld Expo and chatted up the brightest minds in the blogging business. Stay tuned to WebProNews and WebProNews Video for updates.)

He described a blog saying it "Looks like a diary, but it’s not just a diary." Blogs are managed with a blog platform such as WordPress or TypePad.

Movable Type: Blogs Not Social Enough

Moveable Type from Six Apart has a new incarnation out that aims to take blogging in a more social direction.

As Om malik points out, blogging has always been a social form of media. On the flipside, sites like MySpace incorporate blogs into their profile pages.

But where platforms like Wordpress miss the boat, this new Movable Type incorporates the ability to set-up networks into it.

Learning About Movable Type On Twitter

If you’re like me, all you’ve heard about in blogging software the last couple of years is WordPress. But as a long-time blogger using Movable Type, I wondered what they have been up to. And then Twitter brought me together with Byrne Reese, Product Manager of Movable Type and Community Leader of MTOS at Six Apart, maker of Movable Type and other offerings.

New Communications Forum Discussion Questions

Today I will be moderating a panel at the New Communications Forum here in Santa Rosa, California which I’m particularly excited about because it’s exactly the kind of juicy broad topic that I think can yield really interesting discussions.

New Ad Network For The Little Guy

Blog software company Six Apart acquired creative agency Apperceptive, a company that built blogs for sites such as The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, BoingBoing, and iVillage. Now they’re launching an advertising network for blogs. They are also venturing into design, programming, and blog marketing services.

Six Apart Acquisition Leads To New Interests
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Six Apart is moving well beyond the business of providing blogging software; following its acquisition of Apperceptive, the company is beginning to offer a whole range of services, along with a new advertising program.

Six Apart Clicks With Adify
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Six Apart CEO Chris Alden and Adify CEO Russ Fradin told WebProNews they plan to bring bloggers and ads together more effectively.

Knol Recieving A lot of Criticism

Anil Dash, blogger and Six Apart employee, argues that Google has fundamental problems with creating good editing tools because they can’t really put themselves in the mind of the end user.


Six Apart Sells LiveJournal

In mid-September, Six Apart got a new CEO.  Now it’s getting some new money, because LiveJournal has been sold to SUP, a Russian media company.

Six Apart Gets New CEO

A Google search for “Barak Berkowitz” still takes you to Six Apart’s management profiles page, but to find the man, you’ve got to scroll down a good deal farther than before.  Berkowitz is now Six Apart’s advisor, not its CEO; that role has been assumed by Chris Alden.

Six Apart Acquires Rojo

TechCrunch is reporting Six Apart, the blogging company, has acquired Rojo, a feed reader and blog search engine.