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Matt Cutts Talks Subdomains Vs. Subdirectories Matt Cutts Talks Subdomains Vs. Subdirectories
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Google’s Matt Cutts posted a new Webmaster Help video about subdomains vs. subdirectories. It’s a topic Google has talked about various times in the past, but as Cutts notes in the video, it’s been a while, so perhaps it’s worth …

Google Rolls Out Breadcrumb Display in SERPs
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Update: Google announced today that it will now be rolling out the use of breadcrumbs in seach results on a global basis. They will only be used in place of some URLs – mainly the ones that don’t give the added context of a link the way that the breadcrumbs do. Google says:

Google and Bing Tips for Site Architecture Issues
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Google and Bing have both talked about site architecture issues lately on their blogs. Site architecture is an important part of search engine optimization, and crucial to ranking.

"You can have great content and a plethora of high quality inbound links from authority sites, but if your site’s structure is flawed or broken, then it will still not achieve the optimal page rank you desire from search engines," says Rick DeJarnette of Bing Webmaster Center.

Small Business Marketing Unleashed: Site Architecture

At the Small Business Marketing Unleashed Conference Stoney deGuyter, president of Pole Positioning Marketing talked about Web site architecture.