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Howard Stern Laughs At NBC And Its “Threatening Kind Of Comment”

Howard Stern is apparently upsetting some of the execs at NBC, the network for which he appears as a judge on the show America’s Got Talent. He’s been talking about Jay Leno and the company’s budget cuts, and the celebrity DJ said on his Sirius show that he received a threatening comment from one of the execs. “I did hear …

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FCC Chair Supports Sirius-XM Deal

Federal Communications Commission chairman Kevin Martin said he would back the merger of XM Satellite Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio under voluntary conditions created by the two companies.

"As I have indicated before, this is an unusual situation," Martin said. "I am recommending that with the voluntary commitments they’ve offered, on balance, this transaction would be in the public interest."

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Department Of Justice Waves On XM-Sirius Merger

The Department of Justice took long enough to make up its mind; both "no" and "yes" are pretty short words.  But in regards to the XM-Sirius merger, the DoJ finally landed on a drawn-out version of the latter.

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Specter: XM-Sirius Answer Should Be Near

For the sake of avoiding repetition, the words "may" and "might" aren’t going to appear in every sentence of this article.  Go ahead and mentally insert them, though, because this concerns the resolution of the long-uncertain XM-Sirius merger.

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Sirius Celebrates 8.3 Million Subscribers

Ron Paul received 10 percent of the vote in the Iowa’s Republican caucus, and onlookers are busy debating about whether this is encouraging (because 10 percent isn’t insignificant) or a sign of defeat (because 10 percent isn’t nearly enough to win).  A similar (though much quieter) discussion is taking place over a 38 percent growth in Sirius’s subscriber base.

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