Howard Stern Laughs At NBC And Its “Threatening Kind Of Comment”

Howard Stern Laughs At NBC And Its “Threatening Kind Of Comment”

By Chris Crum August 28, 2012 | 111 Comments

Howard Stern is apparently upsetting some of the execs at NBC, the network for which he appears as a judge on the show America’s Got Talent. He’s been talking about Jay Leno and the company’s budget cuts, and the celebrity …

Sirius: Google’s Satellite Of Love?

This hot little rumor has been bouncing around through the weekend: Google could be willing to purchase satellite radio provider Sirius.

Sirius and XM Consolidate

Ahh, yes, I will jump on the bandwagon and talk about Sirius and XM merging. No, not so I too can get on the top of TechMeme (it’s too late to play that game, if you want to get to the top of TechMeme you’ve got to be early, or you’ve got to say something interesting about the news, like Doc Searls did).

Since I’m late and not interesting, we’ll give up on that game, OK? Heheh.

New Media Leaking into Old Media

I was poking through the satellite radio stations on my Sirius radio when, whoa, Jason Calacanis’ voice was speaking at Maryam and I over Gillmor Gang. OK, that’s weird.

Howard Stern Remains Good News For Sirius

There is a lot of news today reporting on the latest quarterly financial report from Sirius. Most seem to be negative on Sirius and the money they are paying Howard Stern.

Mark Cuban to Host Radio Show on Sirius

Billionaire tech entrepreneur and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban, is getting his own radio show, according to the WSJ (sub).

Shock Jock Causes SIRIUS Traffic Spike

Celebrity shock jock Howard Stern may prove himself to worth the half billion dollars SIRIUS Satellite radio spent on him. Since Stern defected from the FCC controlled airwaves, traffic to the SIRIUS website has ballooned, surpassing rival XM Radio, according to Nielsen//NetRatings.

CBS Radio Suing Howard Stern Is A Joke

CBS Radio filed suit today against Howard Stern for $500 million for breach of contract and fraud.

Howard Stern And Yahoo, Sirius

Internet portal powerhouse Yahoo announced on Wednesday exclusive, Internet video coverage and an audio webcast of the party celebrating Stern’s moving to Sirius satellite radio.

Sirius Getting Around to Releasing Their Portable Player

Sirius Satellite Radio announced the release of their upcoming portable satellite radio device. It is called the Sirius S50, and is scheduled to come out in October.

Sirius Plays On Billboard

For the first time, a satellite broadcaster will have its airplay impact the makeup of the Billboard Top 40.

Road trip report on my Sirius radio

My step mom is in town, so yesterday we drove for 10 hours through Northern Washington (went across the Cascades). Stunning scenery.

Canadian Group Opposes XM, Sirius Licensing

A recent decision by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission will be appealed by a self-proclaimed media watchdog group.

Satellite Radio Takes Off To The Great White North

Canadian radio listeners will have the opportunity to subscribe to a pair of satellite radio providers.

Sirius Podcasting

Adding to the ever-expanding lexiconical (lexiconal? lexiconiferous?) universe that cyberspace has berthed, the most recent newborn phenomenon of “podcasting” has caused radio giant Sirius Satellite Radio Inc. and Viacom’s Infinity Broadcasting to develop a whole new brand of radio.

Sirius to Offer Podcasts

On the heals of Infinity Broadcasting’s recent news, Sirius Satellite Radio will announce tomorrow that it’s getting into the podcasting mix by teaming up …

Word of Mouth Marketing Relies on Reputation Not Branding

Todd over at the A Penny For Blog, shares some great insights on word of mouth marketing (WOM). Check it out.