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Singapore Riots: First In 40 Years

Singapore witnessed their first riot in over 40 years over the weekend, which led to the arrest of 27 people. Following a fatal accident that killed an Indian worker, more than 400 people took to the streets in one of the worst cases of civil unrest in their history. An estimated eighteen people were injured, including 10 police officers. The …

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Singapore Hailstorm Probably Caused By Wildfires

Singapore has experienced a rare hailstorm today, and it’s thought to be the product of freezing rain mixed with tiny dust particles coming from the wildfire smoke that’s spread from Indonesia. No damage was reported from the hail, and it reportedly melted as soon as it hit the ground. However, it could be just one more symptom that Singapore has …

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LinkedIn Hits 1 Million Members in Singapore

While Facebook has recently been losing members in the U.S. and U.K., it has seen growth in developing countries such as India. While its worldwide membership growth is currently offsetting its membership losses, the loss of 6 million U.S. members this month does point to increasing competition in the social media space. One of Facebook’s largest competitors, LinkedIn, has been …

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TPP Might Not Live To See Next Year

With all the recent talk about CISPA and ACTA, it seems like we’ve been forgetting about our old friend TTP, or Trans-Pacific Partnership. For those who need a recap, TPP is essentially ACTA for the U.S. and Pacific nations. The only key difference is that TPP has been negotiated in complete secrecy and it’s only through leaks that we’ve been …

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Steve Jobs’ Facebook Timeline Deleted

A Facebook Timeline depicted the life or Steve Jobs was taken down Wednesday, after a request for a comment on the profile from Mercury News. The timeline, under the name “Steve Paul Jobs,” was exhaustive, depicting Jobs’ life with status updates, photos, videos and employment changes, amongst other things. A Facebook spokesperson told Mercury News that the company doesn’t comment …

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