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iPhone 5 Confirmed To Use Nano-SIM

Apple was pretty thorough with their announcement of the iPhone 5 this morning. They confirmed every rumor including the larger screen and LTE connectivity. They did, however, forget to mention a few things like NFC or the rumored nano-SIM. The NFC chip is a no go, but the iPhone 5 is getting the nano-SIM format. Apple’s iPhone comparison site confirmed …

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iPhone 5 Rumor: Nano-SIM Cards Shipped to Retailers [Photos]

Today we’ve already seen leaked video of the iPhone 5’s screen, flex cables, and dock connector port. Now, photos of the iPhone’s new nano-SIM cards are making their way around the internet. It seems every millimeter of the device is likely to be leaked before Apple announces it at an expected event on September 12. The above photo comes from …

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iPhone 5 Rumor: More Leaked Parts Seemingly Confirm Smaller SIM Card

Thanks to the release of iOS 6 Beta 4, we have been able to confirm a number of rumors concerning the iPhone 5. There are still some rumors that the iOS 6 beta can’t confirm. Thankfully, people are leaking iPhone 5 parts from Chinese factories so that we can get a better look at the device. French tech site Nowhereelse …

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