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Report Finds Consumers Making Purchases More Quickly

Parago has a new report out indicating that consumers are shopping across channels more quickly than ever before, thanks to brick-and-mortar, online, mobile and social channels enabling them to quickly find good deals which can be be taken advantage of in little time. The average time to purchase across retail categories is less than four days, even for big-ticket items …

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40% of Americans Have Engaged in ‘Showrooming’

The rise of online retail has certainly forced physical retailers to both rethink their business models and compete with companies that do not have to deal with store overhead. In addition to competing on convenience and price, physical retailers are susceptible to the phenomenon of ‘showrooming’ – the consumer practice of using retail stores as showrooms for products they intend …

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Why Smartphones Are Forcing Retailers To Rethink Their Business Models

As smartphones become more ubiquitous in established markets, traditional business models have begun to quickly shift and adapt. Entire markets based on specific technologies have been wiped away by a handful of smartphone apps. The instant access to information that smartphones provide has also superseded a number of traditional information-based businesses. Perhaps more than any other, the retail industry will …

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Store Charges $5 Browsing Fee to Combat Showrooming

In order to combat showrooming, one Brisbane, Australia store is taking to some rather extreme measures. The store is now charging people a $5 “just looking” fee in the hopes of deterring them from using the store as a physical showroom, and then running off to buy the same products online. If the customer ends up buying something, the $5 …

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Consumers are Spending Billions Through Their Tablets

Last week, analyst predictions asserted that tablet shipments could reach 145 million in 2013. The market for tablets is only swelling, and now research firm ABI Research is predicting that an additional 1 billion tablets will be shipped over the next five years. Even more interesting, though, is ABI’s research into how much consumers are spending through their devices. According …

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Samsung, Sony Barring Retailers from Discounting TVs

Samsung and Sony have both commenced barring retailers from discounting television sets to protect profits, in an attempt to cut down on ‘showrooming.’ Showrooming is the practice of consumers going into a big box retailer and then likewise buying the tested product online for cheaper. The practice of showrooming has affected the business of Best Buy, which has shut down …

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