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Miyamoto Becomes A Ghostbuster, Talks Up Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon

The business world will tell you that the Wii U is doomed. After all, the console only sold 57,000 units in January, which is by all accounts pretty bad. That being said, Nintendo is taking it all in stride, and are even having a little fun. You may remember Nintendo President Satoru Iwata sporting a Luigi hat last week in …

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New 3DS Unlikely Says Nintendo’s Miyamoto

I was wondering if they were ever going to stop making new DS systems. The original saw numberous iterations, each adding some kind of gimmick to make consumers dive into their pockets every few months, for a new DS system. The original came in many different packages including the DS lite, DSi and DS XL. And the 3DS, but Nintendo …

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Miyamoto Gives Vita His Two Cents: Make More Games!

Legendary Nintendo producer Shigeru Miyamoto had both criticism and praise to offer Playstation for the Vita portable console. He says the technical specs of the system are very impressive, the selection of games, however, not so much. Speaking to Edge, the legend says Playstation will need more games for the Vita to be a real success. Right now, he doesn’t …

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Shigeru Miyamoto Loves Rovio’s Angry Birds

Shigeru Miyamoto is a household name to many gamers for his contributions to the industry over the years. He is widely considered to be the father of the “modern” video game with the creation of Super Mario Bros. In short, he is a legend and when he talks, people listen. His latest comments, however, might disappoint some of his most …

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