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‘Shadowrun Returns’ Expansion Out Today

In the early days of gaming Kickstarter projects, Shadowrun Returns was one of the most successful. Gamers and industry figures watched as Harebrained Schemes raised $1.8 million and delivered a solid game. As a simplified turn-based tactical game with an old-school isometric view and text storytelling Shadowrun Returns was exactly the type of game many PC players had been missing …

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‘Shadowrun Returns’ Expansion Coming February 27

As one of the earliest Kickstarter video game campaigns, Shadowrun Returns has been quite a success story. Developer Harebrained Schemes managed to more than quadruple its Kickstarter goal and then finish the solid strategy RPG in a timely fashion. The game provided fans with a solid (if a bit short) campaign and a platform on which to build their own …

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‘Shadow Returns’ Launches After Successful Kickstarter

In April 2012, an indie game company called Harebrained Schemes launched a Kickstarter for a video game called Shadowrun Returns. The project promised to bring back the Shadowrun franchise to gaming, complete with an old-school isometric view and tactical, turn-based combat. The campaign quickly blew past its $400,000 goal, and ended up raising over $1.8 million. The Kickstarter is one …

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