Google’s Marissa Mayer Portrayed As Walmart Employee In Lego Art

Google’s Marissa Mayer Portrayed As Walmart Employee In Lego Art

By Chris Crum May 22, 2012

SEOBook has put out a whole bunch of Google, SEO and Marketing-related lego-style art, it commissioned. We already looked at Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt as the evil ice cream man and the artist’s renditions of Matt Cutts, Amit Singhal …

Like Adulterous Women? Google Can Help

Google makes what you might call "moral" judgments with whom is expressly forbidden from advertising on its network. Adultery, though, is apparently not a topic the company will take a stance against.

Relevancy Chagnes at MSN, Yahoo, & Maybe Google

MSN Search Update

MSN announced they are upgrading relevancy and coverage. The increased coverage likely means that more inbound link sources are getting indexed. From looking at rankings of a few of my sites it looks like:

SEObook Makes Free Tools Available

Of all the SEO principles out there, two remain at the forefront as the most essential: keywords and links. Understanding the language of the searcher (the words they will use to find you) while maximizing the external link love (how search robots know whether you are trustworthy) are top priorities for anyone trying to optimize their website.

Threadwatch Shuts Down
This Friday, after three years, SEO community site ThreadWatch is closing down. ThreadWatch’s owner and operator, Aaron Wall (of SEOBook) made the announcement, saying that the site just wasn’t working out for a variety of reasons, including a lack of respect and credibility, an increase in Digg-spam and other shady practices by members, and the decreasing need of the site due to better coverage by mainstream media, big blogs, and other community sites.

Are Big Brands Stealing (Buying) the SERPS?
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For a long time, search engine marketers wondered why the big brands were so slow to adopt, why they seemed to be ignoring Google. They may be wishing for the old days, when smaller players with smaller budgets had a better shot at the SERPs.

Domain Names – Choosing Them Alphabetically
There was an amusing aspect to the Google Search Engine Ranking Factors version 2 that SEOmoz put out this week.

Blogger Rules Dismissed, Cuz We Say So

People are busy. Email piles up. Probably why some of the prominent bloggers I solicited for a response to a British proposal that somebody regulate these free-wheeling, free-speaking modern yarn-weavers were too late for an earlier article. Shows what a swell, free market of ideas guy I am – and how nicely updatable Internet content is. Here’s a follow-up with those responses from people you know.

Link Popularity On The New Web

Link building experts Andy Hagans and Aaron Wall say the world of link building has changed. But even though the rules have changed, as search engines become more effective at measuring trusted links, link building is ultimately still “the trump card for higher rankings.” And so, Andy and Aaron have compiled a new list of link building tips.

Wall Develops Firefox SEO Extension

Search engine optimization hall-of-famer Aaron Wall has developed an intensive SEO extension for Mozilla’s Firefox browser. The tool pulls data from a number of sources to offer search engine marketers “a more holistic view of the competitive landscape.”

Wordtracker vs Keyword Discovery

There’s an interesting thread over at HighRankings Forums on Wordtracker and Keyword Discovery debating the accuracy, pros and cons of each.

Nick Wilson Departs Threadwatch

SEOBook’s Aaron Wall has taken over the Threadwatch community site, as Wilson moves on to focus on his developing professional blogging site, Performancing.

Aaron Wall Sued Over SEOBook Blog Comments

Who is responsible for the content found on a blog entry? The author, right? How about the comments made by the blog entry readers? Is the author responsible for this content, from a legal point-of-view, as well…?

Chinese Search Engine Baidu Files IPO

The Chinese search engine, Baidu.com, has attracted Google’s eye and is taking their company public, to possibly raise interest in securing a buyout of the property.