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>1 Is The Lonliest Number

A lot of my recent speaking engagements at both Search Engine Strategies and SMX have been geared towards running an SEO company, dealing with a changing economic landscape and similar issues. 

It is with this in mind that I got thinking about what separates one company from another.  There are many great SEO and SEM firms out there, I like to think that Beanstalk is among them but there are also a number of poor ones.  What separates the two and why will some succeed and others fail?

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Do Your URLs Stink?

Formatting URLs properly for SEO purposes shouldn’t be something beyond the capabilities of your website.

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Google Softens Description Of SEOs

SEOs should prepare to feel all warm and fuzzy.  In a document titled "What’s an SEO?  Does Google recommend working with companies that offer to make my site Google-friendly?" Google’s softened some of the language it uses to describe them.

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Presidential Candidates And Their Tech Policies

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, which US Presidential Candidate has the best tech policy?

I went off to Google to answer that question. Here’s the searches I did:

McCain tech policy

Obama tech policy

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A Beginners Guide To Link Building

Link building is an essential ingredient in ranking your website highly on the major search engines. 

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Giving Props To Essential SEO

Search engine optimization covers an array of topics, from a decent title tag to the world of viral video and social media connections. It’s the basics that matter most.

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For Google, Every Day Could Be Super Bowl Sunday

Now that Google is a publicly traded company, traditions and advertiser friendly philosophies seem destined to clash with fiduciary responsibility. Imagine this scenario: Everybody uses Google, so every advertiser needs a presence there, and the law of supply and demand makes Google one expensive place to be.

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Keywords Key To SEO, Says Cutts

Google’s Matt Cutts dished out some basic advice to the newspaper-reading audience about how to optimize for search.

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Google Trends For Websites Introduced

People working at traffic measurement companies are probably less than happy right now.  With the introduction of Google Trends for Websites, a certain search giant is invading their niche.

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Domain Kiting, PPC Abuse Dropping In Tandem

Through a subtle change in policy for displaying AdSense on domains, Google managed to reduce the impact of domain kiting and pay per clicks associated with misused brand names.

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Singular Keywords Shown To Have Influence

Consider the terms "weight" and "weights"; to a fitness nut, they may signify different things, and in many markets, it’ll matter whether you optimize for singular or plural forms of keywords.  A look at Google Trends data throws into question the idea of going plural by default.

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Big Retailers Flunk Search Test

So, while perusing Google’s Hot Trends today I noticed a particular brand of digital camera was one of the top gainers in search queries: the Polaroid T730 Compact 7mp digital camera. Curious as to what’s so special about it, I googled it, only to embark on one frustrating journey.

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Save Your Copy From A Rewrite

One search industry professional considers rewriting copy a last resort, a step that should be undertaken after other business-boosting efforts fail.

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SMX: Under The Hood Of The Website

The architecture of one’s site for SEO purposes requires as little as some title tag tweaking, or an overhaul of its wired-in links.

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SMX: Site Buys For Great Rankings

The strategy of purchasing existing websites with strong search rankings for SEO purposes provides an opportunity to boost one’s site in the results pages at Google and beyond.

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Aftermath Of A Craigslist Scam

The two posts on this blog with the most staying power, drawing comments week in and week out, come from an experience with Craigslist.

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The Battle For “SEO Trademark” Wages On

Just when you thought it was over: May 19 was the deadline for the man who would be SEO trademark holder to respond to notices of opposition to his trademark application (which were filed by SEOmoz, Arteworks, Beanstalk Search Engine Positioning,, Jonathan Hochman, and Rhea Drysdale). Sarah Bird, Esq., of SEOmoz filed for default judgment in the case on Tuesday.

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Obama Seeks ‘Indefinite’ Web Marketer

Democratic Presidential hopeful Senator Barack Obama must be pretty confident he’ll get his party’s nomination; his campaign recently posted an Internet advertising job opening. Job duration: Indefinite.

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When To Adobt The SEO Of Tomorrow?

Within the mass confusion that can erupt when there is a blog controversy, occasionally a thoughtful post will emerge. Last week ShoeMoney wrote about the Death of SEO and here on this blog Greg Howlett supported that theory, while I spoke up to disagree with those opinions. Others have also been discussing the topic and Joost de Valk, has chimed in as well, after

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Buyout The Best Sites, Beat Google

Mark Cuban suggested Yahoo or Microsoft could payoff the top five sites for each of the top 25,000 queries on Google, have those sites leave the Google index for good, and bring Google’s normal traffic for those sites into the rival fold.

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Google Boozes Up, Sort Of

Google has had a longstanding policy against advertising liquor, along with guns and gambling. Frank Watson at SearchEngineWatch found it surprising, then, when a search for [vodka] brought back Google Shopping results.

The search brought back results from various vendors, along with prices. "Now that does seem like they are contradicting their own rules," writes Watson.

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SEO Does Have A Future

Now Shoemoney is a friend of mine, but regarding his post SEO Has No Future today, I am forced to disagree with him. Not only does SEO have a future but judging by the number of SEO clients I am turning away, and the number of job offers I am receiving on weekly basis to take on in house positions, all during a shrinking economy and a recession, the future is looking pretty bright for SEO …

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Capital Idea: Google Looking At Letters

Google could be making distinctions in keywords based on whether or not the first letter is capitalized.

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Keywords: Find Theirs, Protect Yours

One clever SEO professional said sitemaps are the keys to the kingdom of well-performing keywords.

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SEO By Webmasters Helps Google’s Appeal

In theory, any company should be able to compete with Google on search. Yet Google owns some two-thirds of the queries made in the US search engine market.

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Google Gives Link Building The Silent Treatment

When the Google Analytics team provided a pretty narrow definition of search engine optimization, the SEO gurus pricked up their ears. While their objections may seem pedantic in a way, the point is duly noted that one important element was left out of said definition: link building.

The focus of Laura Melahn and Jon Stona’s post was actually website optimization, a task distinctly different from SEO. In order to proceed, Melahn and Stona defined SEO this way:

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Watch Those SEO Costs

Some firms may try to charge what we can only describe as overly generous margins on certain services.

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Exploring The Google Penalty Box

Pick a number between 6 and 950 and you’ll likely find evidence, or at least the antecedent number, for a Google ranking penalty. Webmasters and SEOers are in general agreement Google penalizes, and have dubbed them according to their numeric reprimand: -6, -30, -60, -950, and so on. Google inadvertently in cases has acknowledged such penalties exist, but has yet to present any hard and fast rules.

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This Article Is Miley Cyrus Link Bait

Actually, this article is more of a commentary on collective mental illness, exploitation and mountains made of molehills—no, that’s not a boob joke. It’s also about invented controversy for the sake of ogling eyeballs and links at the expense of a teenage girl who will be lucky if she’s not in rehab on her 18th birthday.

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There’s Value In Stumbling

Here’s an interesting question put forth by webmasters: What’s a link in StumbleUpon worth? Well, it’s nofollowed, which means not much in terms of link juice. But there may be an indirect value.

Part of that, of course, is branding. It’s good to be found in as many places as possible. But another value, as noted at SearchEngineRoundtable, is the chance that somebody stumbles upon your site and blogs about it. If so, you’ve just earned another endorsement and possibly a good link.

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Court’s Ruling On Trademarked Keyword

It appears that US courts are getting more and more savvy about Internet marketing (or US attorneys are getting more and more savvy about their “expert” witnesses in these cases!).

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The SEO Trademark Drama

Earlier this month we informed our readers that a guy named Jason Gambert had been running around in the Trademark Office trying to get the term Search Engine Optimization (SEO) trademarked. Well his wish just ran into a brick wall and now things have gotten really nasty.

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Court: Who Cares About Keyword Metatags?

Trademark lawyers have repeatedly tried to make the case that dropping a competitor’s trademarked terms in website metatags are a violation of trademark law. A new court decision, though, says otherwise.

The argument has rested on traditional tenets like potential for confusion, trademark dilution, use in commerce, and even product-switching. A new court decision, though, doesn’t let those arguments go forward until the plaintiff can prove keyword metatags count for anything at all.

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Branded Pages And SEO

If you wanted to be logical, you might not stick a company or product name on any page more than once; after people learn what the subject is, there’s little reason to repeat the fact.  But if you want to be successful in terms of brand SEO, an entirely different approach is necessary.

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Small Business Marketing Unleashed: Keyword Balance

"Optimize, optimize, optimize," some SEO experts will say, and that’s fine as far as it goes.  But the question of what to optimize for – and how far to take the process – was addressed in a session called "Keywords and Content."

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SEO Step Ten Of Ten: Keeping It Up

Sustaining Search Rankings and Increasing Site Conversions

Over the past three months, the WebmasterRadio.FM show Webcology and WebProNews have run a joint series of radio shows with corresponding articles on the ten basic steps or stages shared by most effective SEO campaigns. Today, we cover the last section (but certainly not final points) in a round-up article aptly named, “Keeping It Up”.

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Man on his Way to Trademark “SEO”

Sarah Bird, Esquire, of SEOmoz, Inc., happened upon the applicant’s request as she was working on some trademarks for SEOmoz. Not only is the applicant actually trying to obtain a trademark for the mark “SEO,” but he is also already on the way to the publication process.



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Google AdWords Case Is Sadly Funny

Here’s the understatement of the week: "This wasn’t the best-argued case of the day." New York Law School professor James Grimmelmann was referring to the resurrection of computer repair company Rescuecomm’s lawsuit against Google, which was dismissed in 2006, but is now up for review by a federal appeals court.

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SEO Being Trademarked?

It seems the world we live in has recently been relocated to the ‘Twilight Zone’. The reason being, that recently a man named Jason Gambert is trying to register ‘SEO’ as a trademark. The most shocking point in this bizarre event is that he has managed to get all the way to the publication stage of the registration process.

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Do We Need SEO Standards?

While I was off doing some work Jill and Lisa engaged in a debate over whether or not we need SEO standards. Even though I’m a day late and a dollar short I’m still going to throw my 2 cents in.

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Get Your Blog Google-Ranked In 30 Days or Less

Blogs have been around long enough to become standard elements of the web landscape. They’re easy to construct and manage, they create fresh, user-generated content and, if well-executed, blogs draw crowds and the attention of search engines.

Whether starting out with a new domain name, or a domain that’s been around for a decade, you can rank your blog on Google if you just do what Google wants you to do. So here are 25/50 tips to get your blog ranked by the world’s biggest SE.

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SEO Step Eight Of Ten: Statistics Analysis

Welcome to step eight in this ten part SEO series. The ten parts of the SEO process we will be covering are:

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Chuck Lewis – SEO Rapper

I can’t get enough of Chuck Lewis aka Poetic Prophet. He just doesn’t rap and rhyme using phrases we all know, but his rap tells a good story on what and how to do things in SEO, marketing and design. His next video called Design Coding is a good example of that.

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Link Buying Replaced With Bartering

Here’s a hard truth for the hardliners to swallow: Outlawing something sometimes has worse consequences than the thing outlawed. Or, as the mob tried to tell Congress once: Prohibition’s a bitch.

Pardon my French. I’m descended from Appalachian bootleggers.

Google’s recent and notorious hard line stance against paid links is resulting in something quite predictable: The disaffected are leveraging every back-alley strategy they can think up. At least it doesn’t involve exploding trailers, tripwires, or bullets.

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Universal Search = Fewer Clicks

ComScore’s James Lamberti reveals the new Google truth: Universal Search means fewer paid clicks.

Google’s latest mission is fairly clear: Reduce the number of clicks while increasing the value of clicks remaining. At first glance it appears disastrous for marketers. Less real estate on which advertise and higher premiums on the space available equals CPC inflation.

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Will It Blend? Google Says No

The line between a guideline and suggestion is a fuzzy one, but webmasters seem to agree a Google guideline is more of a stern warning. The most recent guidelines popped up on the InsideAdSense blog, instructing publishers not to blend ads with content.

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SEO Step Seven Of Ten: PPC

Welcome to step seven in this ten part SEO series. The ten parts of the SEO process we will be covering are:

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If They’re Searching, Give Them A Hint

I remember sitting in on a session at one of the Search Engine Strategies conferences as a befuddled metrics firm rep told a crowd of equally befuddled marketers that a significant percentage of the search population actually typed the URL of the desired website into the search bar.

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Sound Investments For Your Website

The ROI of Search Engine Optimization, Usability, and
I’ll tell you why I love what I do. I love helping other people be successful in their business. And this industry provides the tools for making an impact. Right now.

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Google Should Stick To Its Search Principles

Please welcome Google to the damned-if-I-do-damned-if-don’t club. The superiority of search results is what led to Google’s dominance, and investors have pressured the company to get back to its core competency while raising revenue. As soon as they do, though, retailers pitch a fit because things become too fair.

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So What Links Should you Nofollow?

A few weeks ago, there was a lively exchange on Search Engine Land about using the “nofollow” link attribute to sculpt PageRank.

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Calacanis’ Advice For Economic Trouble

Tell that to Bear Sterns.

Mahalo CEO Jason Calacanis, formerly in charge of Netscape, former owner of Weblogs, Inc. who sold to AOL for a reported $25 million, has the answer for startups worried about getting through economic hard times: lots and lots of money.

He’s a Fordham alum, so you know where to send your contributions.

Not known for his silver tongue, the Brooklyn-native reportedly replied to a small, perhaps slightly inebriated group of SES New York karaoke goers’ concerns about the economic disaster the US is headed for with some sage-like advice.

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11 Tips For Recognizing A Bad SEO Firm

There are lots of different people out there calling themselves SEOs. Some of them are actually really good. But, for today, let’s take a look at 11 sure fire signs that your dealing with a bad one:

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SES New York: Satisfying Usability And SEO

Satisfying both human users and search engines’ standards is time-consuming and not exactly simple.  The good news, though, is that these two tasks shouldn’t always tug you in opposite directions.

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Search Goodness In Bite-sized Chunks

There’s a ton of information pouring out of the Search Engine Strategies Conference in New York City, but we’ve done our best to bring you the best of it so far, via text and via video. Below is a representation of all of that knowledge, boiled down until each little bit fits into its own little nutshell. Or, since it’s Holy Week for some, just call them SES Easter Eggs, with lots of gooey SES goodness inside, once you click the link.

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SES New York: Calacanis Pitches Mahalo Social

Mahalo CEO Jason Calacanis, after stirring up some controversy at his last SES keynote address, was invited to speak again at the SES Conference in New York, and his tone regarding SEO was a bit softer.

SES New York is here again, and WebProNews is there to bring you reports and videos from the Big Apple. Enjoy our coverage this week.

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SES New York: Will Google Sell Itself Out?

John Battelle, who literally wrote the book on Search, believes Google’s apparent media-company aspirations will one day come in conflict with its purist algorithmic history.

Mike McDonald and the WebProNews Video crew are in New York for the Search Engine Strategies Conference. Stay tuned all week for the latest developments in online marketing.


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SES New York Kicks Off

Yesterday proved to be an interesting kickoff to this year’s Search Engine Strategies conference here in New York. The Organic Listings panel was entertaining and informative as always and the Build Investment Interest in your SEO/SEM firm was an early indulgence for myself that offered great tips for those looking at the future liquidity and monetization for their agency.

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Search Marketing Trends in 2008

Last week I was able to catch up with Jeffrey Pruitt, EVP, Corporate Partnerships at iCrossing, to discuss his thoughts on search marketing trends and paradigm shifts in 2008. We also discussed some useful sessions people should check out while attending Search Engine Strategies in New York. Here’s how our conversation went:

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SES New York Conference Events





Sky Clouds

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American Express Guide Calls SEOs A “Waste”

Search engine optimization received no love from the credit card issuer’s small business guide, which published some oddly contradictory advice about being found in places like Google or Yahoo.

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Spread SEO Around the Globe

A couple days ago I posted asking readers to translate The Blogger’s Guide to SEO.

So far we already have 4 translations done:

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Google Talks About Content Network Tools

There are many products and services available to help a content network.  The trouble is that access to some of them costs money.  So, as a straight-from-the-Googler’s-mouth alternative, ways to improve content network performance were recently discussed on a Google blog for free.

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SEO Step Six of Ten: Social Media

Welcome to part six in this ten part SEO series. The ten parts of the SEO process we will be covering are:

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Sullivan: Google Should Spinoff DoubleClick SEO Biz

Google’s approved acquisition of DoubleClick brings along an SEO asset, the Performics business that search maven Danny Sullivan needs to be divested immediately.

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Singular or Plural Search Terms?

So leaving the ‘SEO bullshit’ bullshit behind, here’s a serious non-bullshit post that anyone working in the transactional space should definitely read:

Plural or Singular search terms?

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Brand Awareness More Valuable Than PPC

There’s been significant debate among small businesses about the indirect value of online branding versus the direct value of search marketing. A recent report from Engine Ready says branding may be worth more than you think.

I’ve been an advocate of branding for a while and have tried to get the point across that consumer awareness of product or company drives sales in a very powerful way. Understandably, smaller business owners are more likely trust what is not only more directly tangible and measurable, but also less costly.

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What NOT To Do At An SEO Conference

I love SEO conferences and meetups. I’ve met most of my favorite people on the planet at them. There’s also lots of douchebags, who really don’t get what an incredible community of people it is most of the time. I sat down with Mike McDonald and talked a little bit about what to do, and what not to do at SEO Conferences. I thought I’d do a written version for the things I forgot as well.

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Using an SEO Company vs. Hiring an In-House Expert: The True Dollar Cost

It’s a common question that companies who are considering hiring a search engine optimization company often face – is this something that we can do in-house?   More importantly, can we do this in-house and get the same results that an expert search engine optimization company would provide?

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SEO Step Five of Ten: Link Building

Welcome to part five in this ten part SEO series. The ten parts of the SEO process we will be covering are:

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Search Or Content Ads? A Marketer’s Dilemma

One of the issues presenting itself after Google’s new focus on quality search ads—CPC inflation, expected higher conversions, reported lower publisher payouts—is the question of which gets more bang for the buck, search or content ads?

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Page Load Times Affect AdWords Quality Score

Thanks to the diligence of a marketer (i.e., not to an announcement from Google), it is now known that Google instituted a new factor in determining the quality score for AdWords ads: landing page load time. In brief: slow landing page load times negatively impact quality scores, which increases minimum bids and ad placement rankings.

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SEO Evil? Not To Vanessa Fox

Erstwhile Google Webmaster Central product manager Vanessa Fox reached back six months to discuss a perception about her famed former employer and search optimization.

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An Introduction To SEO

Welcome to Daryl Quenet’s introduction to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), optimizing design, and how to maximize your websites search engine positioning for the major search engines.

When it comes to running an effective website that ranks well on the search engine results pages (SERPs), there are three major factors that can influence the number of search engine referrals (incoming searches) you get. This applies to all the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Live).

Content Is King

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SMX West – Generation Next: Search In The Coming Decade

Day 3 of SMX West kicked off with a group keynote titled Generation Next: Search In The Coming Decade moderated by Search Engine Land’s Executive Editor Chris Sherman and Gord Hotchkiss, President and CEO of Enquiro.

The panel of speakers included representatives from the major search engines – Brad Goldberg of Microsoft, Larry Heck with Yahoo! and Peter Norvig of Google – discussing where they see search going in the next decade.

Will search as we know it will survive?

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Watch Out For Backlink Sabotage

Here’s an interesting question: If a competitor really, really wanted to get rid of me and didn’t mind being unscrupulous to do it, could he set up a bad link scheme that gets me tossed out of Google’s index?

Well, maybe. Let’s just say that it might be a good idea, especially if you’re just starting out and haven’t built the credibility and authority yet, to pay close attention to who’s linking to you and how much. It would take a lot, mind you, and your nemesis would have to be pretty determined.

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SMX West: Tasty Blend Of Search, Retail

Universal search presents retailers an opportunity to reach searchers with more information than a few words of plain text.

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Businesses Far From Ready For Mother’s Day

A reassuring note to our American readers: Mother’s Day isn’t until May 11th.  You didn’t miss it.  A note to our audience in the UK: you guys have got until March 2nd.  Better start moving.  And everyone, everywhere, should start thinking about Mother’s Day SEO.

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SMX West – Danny Sullivan’s Keynote

Danny Sulivan's keynote at SMX West

Danny Sullivan giving his keynote address at SMX West 2008 in Santa Clara, CA. He discussed the evolution of search from strictly web page results to the current blended results that he refers to as Search 3.0 and the coming Search 4.o, personalized search.

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Yahoo Raises Limits On Excluded Keywords

Yahoo says it has increased its excluded keyword limits from 50 to 250 to improve relevance in search results.

On the Yahoo Search Marketing Blog it explains what words types of keywords to exclude. "Identify the keywords that do not apply to your business but may be commonly used by potential customers."

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SEO Step Four of Ten: Content Optimization

Welcome to part four in this ten part SEO series. The ten parts of the SEO process we will be covering are:

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New Google Update?

Apparently, Google is showing signs of mixed and changing results at present. It struck us when our clients reported seeing different rankings for their websites at their ends, compared to our observations of their ranks from our location in Chicago. One of them reports seeing his website on the first page while we were stunned to find it on the second page at the same time. When we confirmed this with other clients in other locations, it showed the same behavior. It seems that an update is already taking place.

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SES London

Let’s kick things off for SES London 2008 with a few photos:

The Business Design Centre Islington
Business Design Centre – Cool venue for a conference

Matt, Sock Puppet and Greg
Matt Bailey getting the sock puppet treatment from Greg Jarboe, pre-conference

Frank and Li
Frank Watson and his budda belly gets rubbed by Li Evans

Kevin, Kevin, Kevin2 Boss, Stewart
Kevin Heisler, Kevin Ryan, Gary Lynch and Stewart Quealy from Incisive

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SEO Celebrities

I am curious if anyone else has noticed a trend over the past year or so where people (I have nobody specific in mind) in the search marketing business seem to increasingly gravitate towards becoming a “SEO celebrity”. It’s a bit like like moths to a flame, really.

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A Loophole For Paid Links

It seems it was only a matter of time before the cleverer element of the SEO world developed a workaround for Google’s penalizing of paid links. The workaround involves a pretty creative "dynamic" linking strategy, and it’s playing a little bit dirty.

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Google Urchin Vs. Google Analytics

If you remember correctly, Google bought the Urchin Software Corporation in 2005, and reformed Urchin software to Google Analytics. The one major change in the software was that Google allowed Analytics to be free.

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Top 10 Ways To Raise Your Site In Google

No matter how much some people claim the SEO industry is a den of snake-oil salesmen, there are still definite ways webmasters can improve their rankings, and thus their visibility in Google’s search results.

This isn’t a manipulation game—Google absolutely hates that game and will punish you for it—which is perhaps what the darker element of the SEO world sells. Good, in-bounds SEO is made up of smart, user-and-search-engine friendly techniques. Think of SEO as a performance-enhancing drug—one that won’t get you kicked out of baseball.

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People Are Finding More Words To Search With

Brian Ussery, an Atlanta SEOer and blogger, reported last week that Google searchers have broken the three-word search term barrier as of the fourth quarter of 2007. The average query is now four words.

That means a lot to SEOers targeting that long tail of search. It also means (maybe) that, collectively, searchers are becoming a bit more sophisticated in their searching, or at least more specific.

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SEO Step 3 of Ten: Site Structure

Welcome to part three in this ten part SEO series. The ten parts of the SEO process we will be covering are:

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SEO Step Two of Ten: Competitor Analysis

Welcome to part two in this ten part SEO series. The ten parts of the SEO process we will be covering are:

  1. Keyword Research & Selection
  2. Competitor Analysis
  3. Site Structure
  4. Content Optimization
  5. Link Building
  6. Social Media
  7. PPC
  8. Statistics Analysis
  9. Conversion Optimization
  10. Keeping It Up

What is a Competitor Analysis?

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AdSense Earnings Down?

There’s word around the Webmaster World forum that publishers have been experiencing a sharp decline in AdSense earnings over the past month. There’s been little consensus, lots of possible explanations, but nothing you might call conclusive.

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Should You Let Sam’s Club Be Your SEO Company?

If the buzz is to be believed, Sam’s Club is now a search engine optimization company that is targeting the local search market aggressively.

The fact is, this isn’t something new; it’s just recently come to the forefront. Sam’s Club has partnered with a company called Innuity to offer a program that is primarily targeted at small businesses looking to get noticed in the local search results.

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Writing For People And Search Engines

So, Merriam-Webster broke down and let "w00t" into its dictionary. Yeah, well, they’re trying to stay relevant. That doesn’t mean anybody should ever use this word outside of World of Warcraft or, at the most, instant messaging. How long do you think it will be before w00t is as silly as gnarly, tubular, radical waves (can you see the zinc-oxide on my nose, dude?) or those ridiculous Hammer pants?

Word to your mother. Right, homey?

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SEO Step One Of Ten: Keyword Research

Back in October 2004 I launched a series of articles outlining the ten crucial steps to a well optimized website. The steps were:

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Confirmed: Crusaders Google Bomb Scientology

An apparent Google bomb aimed at the Church of Scientology is just a part of all-out ideological (holy?) war perpetrated by a group called "Anonymous."  The rest of the digital war has been carried out via social media as a highly organized and carefully orchestrated Internet campaign that’s getting the group a lot of attention.

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A Position 6 Penalty?

It could be said pretty fairly that webmasters and SEOers, if dropped a rank or two, automatically assume they’ve been penalized. A recent development, involving the "position 6" penalty, proved to be a reality.

It’s not clear why it was a reality, other than a Google glitch.

Webmasters reported worries about sites that historically had ranked in the top two results for certain keywords had dropped to the sixth position. Dropping to below the top five, or below the fold (below where a person may have to scroll), could mean sudden death in the exposure game.

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Scientology Bomb Cruises Past Google

It’s a good thing Google’s Matt Cutts wouldn’t claim an algorithm tweak was "100 percent perfect" against googlebombing. If so, we’d be making fun of him right now. The oft-ridiculed Church of Scientology is the latest target.

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Google Leads Others In CPC Inflation

Google takes in nearly 77% of the total search advertising spend, as of Q4 2007, and raked in 97% of all ad spend increases, according to a study by Efficient Frontier. Despite Nielsen’s recent report that Google search share had slightly decreased, numbers like these on the advertising revenue side could mean good things for a flagging Google stock price.

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Local Ads To Increase Faster Than Online Ads

Local advertising will increase by 13 percent from 2007 to 2012,faster than online advertising as a whole, which will see 12 percent growth during the same period according to a JupiterResearch report, "US Online Local Advertising Forecast, 2007-2012."

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The InflectionPoint 2008 Conference

I just returned from the InflectionPont 2008 Conference down in San Diego.  What’s InflectionPoint?

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