SEMPO Urges FTC To Review Search Labeling Transparency

SEMPO Urges FTC To Review Search Labeling Transparency

By Chris Crum October 15, 2012

The SEMPO (Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization) Board of Directors has sent a letter to FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz regarding search labeling transparency. The theme of the letter is in line with the open letter written to the Commission by …

Does Your Company Practice SEM And SEO?

At the MediaPost Search Insider Summit, I got the opportunity to join a panel on social media and search with Darrin Shamo of Zappos and panel moderator Bob Heyman of MediaSmith (and co-author of the book Digital Engagement). I’m not going to discuss that panel here and will leave that to another post. But an interesting thing came up during my presentation…

Getting More Out Of Marketing Conferences

Now, more than ever, marketing companies and consultants need to get competitive for client dollars and what better way than advancing your knowledge and your network?

SEMPO Offering Certification To SEM Agencies

Search marketing firms going through the training provided by the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization will be able to pick up a seal of approval after taking courses through the SEMPO Institute.

Do We Need SEO Standards?

While I was off doing some work Jill and Lisa engaged in a debate over whether or not we need SEO standards. Even though I’m a day late and a dollar short I’m still going to throw my 2 cents in.

SES NY: Sara Holoubek Speaks On Behalf Of SEMPO

On day two of the Search Engine Strategies conference the expo hall has opened and I found my way past two floors of exhibitors to find the SEMPO booth staffed by the famous “free agent” and SEMPO board member, Sara Holoubek.

Search Market Was A Big Spender In 2007

SEMPO, today released the results of its annual State of the Market Survey and the results indicate that the search marketing industry has exceeded the project spending allocations that were expected in 2007 and that the overall consensus from marketers it that the industry will continue to positive growth.

Here are key findings from SEMPO’s State of the Market Survey:

Using an SEO Company vs. Hiring an In-House Expert: The True Dollar Cost

It’s a common question that companies who are considering hiring a search engine optimization company often face – is this something that we can do in-house?   More importantly, can we do this in-house and get the same results that an expert search engine optimization company would provide?

New SEMPO Survey Open

The 4th annual SEMPO State of the Search Marketing Industry survey is now open. If you work client side, agency side or independent, be sure to take this survey and make your voice heard.

In-House SEM Salaries: Quite a Range
Earlier today we discussed some mind boggling statistics about search marketing and its efficacy, see: PPC Ads Are Ignored 88.5% Of The Time!. Another study, this time about search marketers by SEMPO, explores the earning potentials of SEMs.

The salaries actually have a surprising range, with the lowest ones bordering around minimum wages $60/year to the highest ones being around $70,000 a year.

Search Marketers Have Big Budgets, Lack Experience

Around one third of in-house search engine marketers are managing monthly budgets of over $200,000 according to The Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization’s (SEMPO) In-House SEM Salary Survey.

SEM Pros Earn Well, But Experience Is Required
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Looking for a six-figure gig managing search marketing for a business? You will have to pick up a few years of experience before seeing a salary in that range.

SEMPO Organizes Annual Meeting
SEMPO, the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization, is organizing its annual meeting. For this round-robin discussion, it is bringing representatives from Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft. All the companies will discuss together about their latest plans and initiative programs.

SEMPO Wants You to Get Involved

SEMPO, the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization, wants people involved with SEM to take its 4th annual State of the Market survey.

Stinky Babies, Armpits Offer SEM Opportunities

Baby products and personal care products drew millions of searches over a three month period in early 2007, indicating growth potential for search engine marketing efforts by consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies.

Click Fraud Unbeatable Without Advertiser Data
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Joseph Milana, chief scientist at Fair Isaac, discussed the early results of his company’s click fraud study in an exclusive chat with WebProNews.

SEMPO SEO Training Levels Up

Coming off a successful debut of their Fundamentals of Search Marketing course, the training arm of the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization has its Advanced SEO class up and running.