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HootSuite Acquires Social Management Startup Seesmic HootSuite Acquires Social Management Startup Seesmic
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HootSuite announced today that it has acquired Seesmic, a competitor in the social marketing management software space. Both companies develop platforms that allow people and businesses to coordinate and monitor their marketing across multiple social network platforms. “We’ve always been …

Seesmic Updates iPhone App with New Features and Ads

Popular social media client Seesmic has launched some new updates for its iPhone app. It now supports Retina Display, creating and adding users to Twitter lists, in-reply-to-converation and direct messages in threads, checking private Facebook messages, pull-down to refresh, and Instapaper & Read it Later integration. 

WordPress Subscriptions, Facebook Ad Impressions & More

There’s been a lot going on in web news over the last few days, and there have been some things worth looking at that I haven’t gotten a chance to cover, but I’d like to point out just in case you missed them. 

Seesmic Opens Up Public Beta of Desktop Version 2
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Seesmic says that changes to Twitter’s User Streams API may "dramatically change" the Twitter experience on Seesmic Desktop. The company announced that it’s working with Twitter on testing the beta version of Seesmic Desktop 2.

Ping.fm Acquired by Seesmic
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Seesmic announced today that it has acquired Ping.fm. This is a service that has half a million active users posting daily from various devices by sending email, text messages, and chat.

Commenting Through Disqus

If you aren’t a blogger you probably haven’t noticed this company named Disqus unless you really are paying attention when you leave a comment. But head over to Dave Winer’s blog, click on the comments, and if you leave a comment there, like I just did, you aren’t actually leaving it on Dave Winer’s blog. You’re using Disqus’s commenting service.

“So what?” you’re probably asking.

Well, there’s a few things that Disqus does.

Seesmic’s Acquisition of Twhirl

What I like about the Seesmic’s acquisition of Twhirl isn’t that I’m using it as my default client for Twitter.   Or that I happen to use Seesmic and look forward to some chocolate and peanut butter goodness.

Seesmic Befriends (And Buys) Twitter Client Twhirl

Twhirl’s service will remain free to users, so onlookers need not look to their wallets.  Loic Le Meur presumably did a little digging, however, as the Twitter client has been acquired by his video chat company, Seesmic.

User Generated Skepticism

One of the things that social media is great at is soliciting and distributing user-generated video. 

Qik and Seesmic – Live Video
Being able to record video of something and then share it with lots of people – YouTube, anyone?