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Kurt Cobain Note Bashes Courtney Love

With the recent 20-year anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s April 8, 1994 death, interest in the late Nirvana frontman has hit fever pitch. Seattle police have recently stated that they won’t be reopening the case regarding the passing of the iconic singer, after years of speculation and numerous conspiracy theories concerning some unknown cause of Cobain’s death. The SPD insists that …

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Kurt Cobain Death Indeed a Suicide, Case Stays Closed

Kurt Cobain’s death has been a debatable topic of discussion lately. However, despite rumors his case will remain closed. While Seattle Police Department Cold Case Detective Mike Ciesynski did opt to re-examine the case, along with dozens of exclusive images, nothing has changed about the initial assessment. The Seattle police investigation concluded that Cobain did, indeed, kill himself with a shotgun. According …

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Seattle PD Uses Twitter Effectively, People Still Complain

In what sounds like another sterling example of a First World Problem, the Seattle Police Department conducted an experiment with their Twitter account, essentially treating it like a police blotter report. This actually sounds like an innovative use for Twitter, but yet, some people complained like they were personally offended. Seattle PD’s Twitter account, during the experimental process of broadcasting …

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