Google Removing Authors’ Google+ Photo, Circle Count in Search Results

Google Removing Authors’ Google+ Photo, Circle Count in Search Results

By Josh Wolford June 26, 2014

Google has just announced a shakeup in how authors are displayed when attached to search results. The Authorship results, which feature an author’s Google+ profile pic, Google+ circle count, and a link to their profile are about to look a …

Cutts: Last Time I Checked, Bing Was Still Using Google As A Signal Cutts: Last Time I Checked, Bing Was Still Using Google As A Signal

Microsoft unveiled its big “Bing It On” campaign this week. Part of that is a site, which allows users to perform a search query, and choose which results they prefer. After five rounds, the tool reveals whether your picked Bing …

Google Wants To Know How Satisfied You Are With Its Results Google Wants To Know How Satisfied You Are With Its Results

Google is testing a new way for users to give feedback on the quality of search results. In light of algorithm updates like Panda and Penguin (along with their subsequent data refreshes), people have plenty of feedback to offer (at …

Is Google About to Give Results While You Type Your Query?

Google is holding an even later today in which it is expected to unveil some new search-related product. Yesterday’s highly publicized Google doodle, which had the Google logo turning into a bunch of balls flying around as your mouse got closer to it, is presumed to be a clue to the new product launch. 

Google Now Indexes SVG Files
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Google is now indexing SVG files. SVG, which stands for scalable vector graphics, is a widely-deployed, royalty-free,  XML-based format for vector graphics and support for interactivity. The format was developed and is maintained by the W3C SVG Working Group.

Google Officially Rolling Out the New SERPs

Update 5: Now Marissa Mayer, VP Search Products & User Experience has officially announced the new design, and included the following video:

Google May Change Your Page Titles

In case you were not aware, Google "reserves the right" to change the titles of your pages in search results. Google’s Matt Cutts has released a video discussing why and how they go about doing this.

Cutts says Google wants to show the titles that it thinks are most useful. "For example, suppose the title of your page is ‘Untitled’ or if there is no title. If that’s the case, we try to show a relevant, useful title."

New Details on Google Caffeine Update

Update 2:  Matt Cutts gave WebProNews another exclusive interview, in which he gave some more details about Caffeine (among other things. It’s only hitting one data center before the holidays, and it isn’t even live quite yet. Google will roll it out to more data centers in January.



Yahoo Adds Paid Search Listings to Filtered Results

Yahoo has given Yahoo Search Marketing advertisers the ability to have their ads shown in filtered searches. When Yahoo launched its new search results pages last month, they added the ability for users to filter results by site. Relevant ads are now appearing with these results.

Google Increases PDF Usability in Search Results
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Google has added an option to quickly view PDF documents in your browser from search results, while keeping formatting intact. This comes in the form of a simple "Quick View" link located in the search result snippet for PDF results.

Google on What it Takes to Deliver Search Quality

We often take for granted the results we get for any given web search. When we search, we expect to find what we are looking for. That’s the way it should be. The average user doesn’t normally consider what it takes for a search engine to deliver those results, but there are so many factors at play, working behind the scenes and coming together to (hopefully) deliver the user the information they seek.

Google’s Search Options Increase
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Earlier this year, Google launched its search options feature. This is a clickable link on search results pages, which provides a list of options to let you refine your search by a number of different parameters.

Google Cash Scams – SEOs to the Rescue
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There is a scam going on inside of Google search results called Google Cash, aka: Google Money Tree, aka: Google Treasure Chest. This is where alleged scammers misrepresent themselves as being affiliated with Google, and advertise a low-cast kit, which would enable people to make money.

Bing Readies Sharing Feature for Search Results
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Microsoft is working on a new feature for Bing called "Bing and Ping." This is a means to share your search results with friends. Bing’s "decision engine" nature provides plenty of content that users may actually want to share. Nicholas Kerr of the Bing Team explains:

Digg Elaborates on New Search
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Update: Digg shared some more details about how its search feature (relaunched earlier this year) works. Sammy on the company blog says:

" We’re using Apache SOLR/Lucene which helped us scale horizontally and solved many of our relevancy issues as well as enabling discovery of new content through facets.  Beyond site search, the rich set of features has allowed us build a platform that enables other features such as Related By Source and Related By Keywords."

Google’s Matt Cutts on .com Relevancy in UK
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Some UK Google users have noticed that search results pages are showing more results from .com sites these days, than in the past. They are used to .co.uk sites getting better rank, and assuming that they are more relevant to their geographic location.

Certainly in some cases the .co.uk site would be more relevant to a UK searcher, but that is not always the case. Google’s Matt Cutts has posted a video in which he answers a question on this subject from a user. The question was:

Hulu Makes Changes to Search Results

Hulu has made a few changes to how it presents its search results, as well as the site’s "most popular" and "recently added" pages. Most noticeably, Hulu has abandoned the two-column approach in favor of a more "prominent placement of the show Hulu thinks you are looking for.