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Rita Moreno Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

On Saturday, January 18, the Screen Actors Guild honored Rita Moreno, 82, with the 50th SAG Life Achievement Award. The SAG Life Achievement Award is one of the most prestigious rewards for actors, and is “bestowed for outstanding achievement in …

Giuliana Rancic’s Best SAG Awards Red Carpet Interviews
· 4

Giuliana Rancic interviews contain a little cheese, lots of fun and many weird encounters. Sometimes they’re more entertaining than the actual award shows. At the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) awards’ red carpet, Rancic showed her talent for creating quick witty …

Kerry Washington Bares Pregnant Belly at SAG Awards
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Kerry Washington of Scandal fame wore a rather short top–baring her belly at the SAG Awards on Saturday evening. She donned a sparkling bright pink crop top designed by Prada for the event, along with a long black satin skirt. …