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Loch Ness Monster Supposedly Says “No” To Scottish Independence

Perhaps there are some Scottish citizens that remain unsure of exactly how they intend to vote this week. Who better to consult than a long-time Scotland native? According to images (which may or may not have been heavily photoshopped), the Loch Ness Monster has been on a campaign of her own in recent days. First the creature was allegedly spotted …

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Scotland: Independence Is Not A Simple Matter

For the first time in nearly three hundred years, Scotland is on the verge of being an independent nation. Some countries are still fighting bloody battles to free themselves from other nations wishing to determine their future. As for Scotland, its move for independence would be comparatively bloodless. If you as an American are thinking that the obvious solution is …

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J.K. Rowling Voices Opinion on Scottish Independence

The debate over whether or not Scotland should separate from England and become its own, independent, sovereign nation has been waging for quite some time now. The discussion will finally come to an end on September 8, when Scots 16 years and older will vote in the referendum. Before that time comes, though, both sides of the argument have much …

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Shetland Islands, Place of Vikings and Oil, Question Scottish Independence

The Scottish referendum of independence scheduled for September leaves the Shetland Islands with a question. Go to with Scotland, stay with Britain, or become independent? A petition went online recently on the Scottish Parliament website asking to hold a referendum of this very question. 29.2% of Shetlanders are direct descendants of Vikings according to a study by BritainsDNA, the U.K. …

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Sean Connery Encourages Independence for Scotland

The name Sean Connery is one of the few names still synonymous with James Bond. Like the daring 007 character portrayed through the well-known films Sir Sean Connery brought to life, the actor has shown his own daring nature by voicing his desire for Scotland’s independence. Connery has recently expressed his wish that Scotland vote in favor of leaving the …

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