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Sarah Silverman: “I Smile Back” Required Trip Back Into Childhood of Depression, Abuse

Sarah Silverman stars as Laney in the new film I Smile Back that opened nationwide on Friday. Known for her stand-up comedy, she admits it’s often hard to convince a director she can play a role. This one was a perfect fit. Looking back into her childhood of depression and abuse, Sarah Silverman discovered she had a lot in common …

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Miranda Cosgrove: ‘iCarly’ Star Lands NBC Comedy Pilot

Miranda Cosgrove, probably best known for her role on Nickelodeon’s iCarly, has landed a new comedy pilot on NBC. The show is about two adult children who move back home with their parents who–up until the move–were empty-nesters. That definitely sounds like a story line that many–both young and old–can relate to these days. As yet untitled, the pilot is …

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Miranda Cosgrove Reunites With ‘School of Rock’ Cast

Miranda Cosgrove, 20, reunited with fellow School of Rock cast mates for the 10th anniversary of the hit film starring Jack Black. Cosgrove Tweeted several photos from the screening and after-party, including some group shots that she added via Instagram. School of Rock, released in 2003, starred comedian Jack Black as a rocker-turned-substitute teacher who creates a rock band with …

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