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Schema.org Enters Its ‘Next Chapter’

In 2011, Google, Microsoft (Bing) and Yahoo, the big three search engines (Yandex later joined), teamed up to launch Schema.org, an initiative to support a common set of schemas for structured data markup on webpages. This week, the companies announced the introduction of vocabulary to let sites describe actions they enable and how said actions can be invoked. “When we …

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Cutts: Use Schema Video Markup For Pages With Embedded YouTube Videos

There is a lot of webmaster interest these days in the impact schema markup has on content in search results. Today’s Webmaster Help video from Google addresses video markup. Matt Cutts takes on the following submitted question: Rich snippets are automatically added to SERPs for video results from YouTube. Is it recommended to add schema video markup onsite in order …

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Google Hummingbird And Structured Data: Is There A Connection?

There has been a lot written about Google’s Hummingbird algorithm since it was announced. Unfortunately, very little of it comes in the form of reliable facts that really give anybody a solid understanding of what they can do to help their sties. Mostly, just a lot of speculation and theory. But to be fair, isn’t that how most of this …

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Matt Cutts On Schema.org Markup As A Ranking Signal

In 2011, Google teamed up with Microsoft and Yahoo to launch schema.org, an initiative to support a common set of schemas for structured data markup. You might wonder whether or not implementing these schemas may influence your ranking in Google (or the other search engines, for that matter). Google’s Matt Cutts posted a new Webmaster Help video talking about this, …

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