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Google Cracks Down On

Google said today it is taking aim at fraudulent companies that uses its name for money scams.

Bogus offers such as "Easy Cash with Google" and "Use Google to Make 1000s of Dollars!" has led the company to take a number of measures.

Big Retailers Took $792 Million for Sharing Credit Card Numbers
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A U.S. Senate report has revealed that retailers (a number of which you may already know and trust), have accepted as much as $792 million to share customers’ credit-card information with direct marketing companies. Could your card number have been one that was shared? Would you have known?

Advertisers Scammed By Invisible Impressions
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There are sites out there that may be selling you ads that consumers aren’t seeing. We’re not talking about just a lack of traffic to the pages they appear on. There is a lack of traffic because the pages are simply invisible to viewers, making them essentially worthless.

A report from the Wall Street Journal says that even large corporations like Kraft foods, Greyhound Lines, and Capital One Financial are among the victims of such scams.

Maybe It’s Time Craigslist Charged For Some Postings
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This isn’t to pick on craigslist specifically, as this type of thing occurs all over the Net, especially where it’s free to post what other outlets charge for. Craigslist served a crushing blow to inflated classified ad prices in newspapers, and no one but newspapers complained. But besides profiting newspapers, the fees for posting an ad are natural scam deterrents.  

YouTube A Breeding Ground For Ponzi Schemes
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Google might be struggling to make money off YouTube, but pyramid schemers are apparently doing just fine. They’re doing so well, the Better Business Bureau has issued an alert warning of “little Bernie Madoffs” running all around the video site Call it user-generated scamming. .

A search for “cash gifting” on YouTube brings back over 25,000 videos and, at the rate they were going last week, the videos have been viewed over 60 million times.

Email Scams On The Rise?


With all the 

Scammers Target Craigslist Realtor
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Newspaper classifieds have a friend in scammers. Though hemorrhaging sales to Craigslist, fraudulent posters there may drive legitimate businesspeople back to where they’ve done business for decades.

SiteTruth Wants You to Know Who You’re Dealing With

It’s no wonder that your customers have learned to be a bit wary on the Web.

Spam steals their attention. Scams steal their money. Phishing steals their very identities. Some of your customers are relying on search engines to separate the wheat from the chaff. If your company shows up at the top of the search results, searchers assume that it’s because your company is reputable, but John Nagle thinks Google needs some help.

Calling it a Scam, Then Selling it
To be honest, I have used the "scam or not" angle before when trying to pull in traffic for something and have called stuff a "scam" when I did not like it, but I have never called something a scam right before trying to sell it.

Sometimes Search Is Better Than The Cops

One good way to take a bite out of cyber-crime is to report scammers to Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask, and the other search engines. How do you do that? By blogging about the details.

Watch Out for Craigslist Scams!
Consider this post a public service. Two people who I know well were getting close to caught up in a real estate scam on Craigslist, and in the extended entries I’m including the correspondence.

Spam Products Filling Up Inboxes

Deals that look too good to be true for hot gift items probably pose a threat to shoppers, as the deals front for credit card stealing websites.

Online Scams Up 166 Percent
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Okay, ladies, here’s something you poke fun of the men with: While more men than women claim to be well-informed about online scams, more men have fallen victim to them than women.

AdSense Secret Feature: Protects Vs. 419 Scams

Don’t like those ads in your Gmail inbox? Well, stop complaining, because they might be protecting you.

Click Fraud Scams Revealed

SEOmoz questioned the “click-fruaders” and asked them to share some of the techniques used to get paid by Google and the other search engines.

Microsoft Helping Nigeria End Money Scams

Those nonstop scam emails from Nigeria that attempt to swindle people will face new law enforcement efforts aided by Microsoft.

FTC, National Consumers League, and Microsoft Warn of Phishing
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The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC), National Consumers League and Microsoft urged consumers to beware of phishing schemes aimed at stealing their identities.

Watch Out For Tsunami Relief Email Scams

The millions of dollars donated by individuals to relief efforts in Southeast Asia have brought criminals and scammers out of the woodwork, US government agencies and private anti-fraud groups warned last week, Internetworld.com reported.

Reciprocal Link Scams

Reciprocal link scams are on the rise. It is no secret that most search engines count the quantity and quality of incoming links to a website when deciding how to rank it. In fact some give weight to the ratio of incoming links versus outbound links. This has lead some webmasters to use some unscrupulous tactics in order to inflate their search engine rankings at the expense of their link partners.

Ask Jeeves & Google Continue Their Relationship
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Ask Jeeves, Inc. announced today that they have extended their relationship with Google as a provider of sponsored advertising links on Ask Jeeves’ global search and portal brands through 2007.

Are Long Copy Salesletters Scams?

A passionate debate is currently raging in the Copywriters Forum about long versus short copy. (If you haven’t joined, do so. Click the “register” link the top. It’s free. There are tons of tips from other very successful copywriters.)

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