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Online Tax Filing: Send It Straight To The IRS Free

You might have noticed the many e-file websites that offer “free” tax-filing options, but somehow seem to add fees or consistently try to trick you into clicking the upgrade button while you plow through your taxes. IRS takes matters into their own hands with its Free File program that provides free federal tax preparation and e-file through brand-name software or …

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Cyber Monday Ads Could Lead Shoppers to Thieves

You’ve seen them everywhere on the internet. Cyber Monday Ads telling consumers where to shop and how much they are going to save. But there’s not always a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Hackers, scammers and thieves are just as excited for Cyber Monday as you are. So, you’ve waited patiently because you knew Cyber Monday …

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Facebook Phishing Scam Claims You’ve Violated Policy

Another day, another Facebook-based phishing scam looking to snatch all of your personal information (including bank account info) and use it for nefarious purposes. The latest scam to hit the network comes in the form of messages sent to users’ inboxes. These are not simply spam messages that will get caught up in that “other” inbox that Facebook reserves for …

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Facebook Scammers Pose as Security Team to Phish Your Info

Facebook users should be cautious if confronted by a message from the “Security Team,” as they could be unwittingly giving up their private info to scammers. It’s the latest phishing attack on the network, which sees its fair share of such deceptions. Some users are currently receiving messages from pages called Security Team, which ask users to verify their accounts …

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