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Kathy Bates Likens Melissa McCarthy to Lucille Ball

Kathy Bates has been around the Hollywood scene for some time and has seen actresses come and go. But she sees something very different and unique about her Tammy co-star Melissa McCarthy. The well-respected actress had some very flattering things to say about McCarthy, even comparing the Bridesmaids star to comedic genius Lucille Ball. The Oscar-winning actress recently told Tim …

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Melissa McCarthy Hilarious in ‘Tammy’ Trailer

Melissa McCarthy is a hoot in the new trailer for her upcoming comedy Tammy, which costars Susan Sarandon as her alcohol-imbibing grandmother. The trailer showcases McCarthy’s unique comedic style and propensity for playing lovable losers. It opens with a classic dance routine by McCarthy to Coolio’s Ganster’s Paradise as she moves in to rob a fast food joint at the …

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Sandra Oh Leaves ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ Isaiah Washington Returns

Sandra Oh’s impending exit from Grey’s Anatomy was set into motion on Thursday evening, May 1st. So was the return of Isaiah Washington in his role as Dr. Preston Burke. Thursday’s episode marked Washington’s first appearance on the show since 2007. “It was very energized — as it would be with the person you were about to marry. ‘I used …

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Sandra Oh Welcomes Back Burke On Her Last Day

Sandra Oh has been with Grey’s Anatomy for ten long seasons, but tonight’s episode will be her last, and she’s taken to Twitter to document it. Isaiah Washington will be making a return tonight after leaving in season 3, and his presence on the show is highly anticipated by fans. Writer and creator Shonda Rhimes says that bringing back Washington–as …

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Sandra Oh Will Be Leaving Grey’s Anatomy

For us Grey’s Anatomy fans, we can all agree that throughout the past few seasons, there have been a lot of changes. These changes include new characters being introduced to the show, and also other characters leaving, to help keep Seattle Grace Hospital (now Grey / Sloan Memorial Hospital) interesting for Grey’s Anatomy viewers. With this in mind, Sandra Oh …

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Sandra Oh To Leave Grey’s Anatomy

Sandra Oh’s brilliant portrayal of Cristina Yang on Grey’s Anatomy is so remarkable that it’s difficult to distinguish character from actress. Sandra’s impressive credentials include five Emmy nominations and one Golden Globe award. So, it should come as no surprise that the fans of the show are upset by the recent news that Sandra will complete her final year as …

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