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Google Pays $17 Million To States Over ‘Safari-Gate’

Last year, Google was handed the largest fine for a single company in FTC history when it was penalized to the tune of $22.5 million in relation to the tracking of Safari users. Critics felt the fine didn’t go far enough, but a federal judge disagreed last November, ruling that the settlement was “fair, adequate and reasonable.” Google had been …

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Google Facing Legal Action In UK Over ‘Safari-Gate’

Google continues to deal with the fallout from “Safari-gate” privacy scandal that led to a record fine (for a single company) from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission last August. The company was fined $22.5 million. Now, iPhone users in the UK are getting together to sue Google over the debacle. The Guardian reports: At least 10 British iPhone users have …

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Consumer Watchdog Challenges Google’s FTC Settlement Over “Safari-gate”

Consumer Watchdog announced today that it has won the right to oppose the recently announced $22.5 million Google settlement with the FTC. Despite the fact that this was the largest fine the FTC has ever given a single company, and that the FTC was gloating about the victory, Consumer Watchdog doe not think the settlement is adequate. “Google executives want …

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