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Anonymous Timeline Alleges #AntiSec an FBI Creation

Affiliates of the Anonymous movement are no stranger to FBI infiltration. Now, however, the hackers and their supporters are wondering if the #AntiSec group was not only infiltrated by federal investigators, but whether the group was itself a creation of the FBI, intended as a honeypot to attract the movement’s top hackers. Anonymous PR Wing @YourAnonNews announced its suspicions on …

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Anonymous Hacks Vatican Again

The Vatican has declared it has been infiltrated by hacker group Anonymous for the second time, shortly after 2pm on Monday. A Vatican spokesperson downplayed the incident, stating that “there was a second attack we are aware of directed against the [Vatican IP] address concerning Vatican Radio, a database on an old server was accessed. Thirty percent of the information …

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‘Anonymous’ Takes Down Vatican’s Website

Hackers from an Italian cell of the group ‘Anonymous’ took the Vatican’s website offline. At writing, vatican.va is still offline, though Vatican officials are working to fix this. Anonymous claims to seek to punish “the corrupt Roman Catholic Church and all of its emanations.” Anonymous’ Italian website states that “today to besiege your site in response to the doctrine, to …

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LulzSec Indictments Available Online

We just brought you coverage of Sabu’s LulzSec betrayal. And now, the court documents that were unsealed this morning in the six hackers’ indictments come to you on the interwebs. Here’s Sabu’s: Monsegur, Hector Xavier Information And Jeremy Hammond’s: Hammond, Jeremy Complaint Ackroyd and Company: Ackroyd, Et Al. Indictment And O’Cearrbhail again: Cearrbhail Donncha Complaint We’ll keep you informed as …

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LulzSec Turncoat: Sabu Betrays His Own

Three key hackers were arrested today, and two more charged with conspiracy, in actions by law enforcement agents in the United States and Great Britain. The five hackers, who have ties to Anonymous, LulzSec, Internet Feds, and AntiSec, were allegedly betrayed by one of their own. In a remarkable display of internet finkdom, former LulzSec ringleader Hector Xavier Monsegur (you …

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