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‘Saber-Toothed’ Whale & More: Sea Monsters Washing Ashore In SoCal?

Previously being called a ‘saber-toothed whale,’ the unusual sea creature that turned up on a Los Angeles beach last Wednesday has now been determined to actually be a Stejneger’s beaked whale. While the males of this species do have teeth that resemble sabers, females – the sex of the whale found last week – do not. This particular Stejneger’s beaked …

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Saber-Toothed Whale Washed Ashore Far From Home

Saber teeth are not just for tigers, anymore. Apparently saber-toothed can also refer to whales, Stejneger’s Beaked Whales, to be precise. These whales are typically located near Bering Sea, which gives way to another commonly used name for the whales, Bering Sea beaked whales as well as the most popular title Saber-toothed whales. On October 15th, a nearly 15-foot female …

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Saber-Toothed Whale Washes Up On Venice Beach

Scientists are reveling over an extremely rare find today after a saber-toothed whale washed ashore on Venice Beach. The whale, which is roughly 15-feet long, was still alive when it washed up on the beach, but had been injured by “cookie cutter sharks” which had bitten large chunks out of its skin. Crews from the Los Angeles County Natural History …

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