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SpaceX Rocket Launch Postponed Until July

The SpaceX launch that was planned for Sunday was postponed after a pre-flight check showed an area of concern. SpaceX said that they planned to try the launch again on Tuesday, as long as everything was working correctly, but they were not able to launch Falcon 9 that day either. “Today’s ORBCOMM launch attempt has been scrubbed to address a …

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Wallops Island Launch Successful Today

The launch that was scheduled for January 8th was delayed due to the massive solar flare that occurred on Tuesday. However, it has now launched a day later in an effort to get supplies to the crew at the space station. Orbital Sciences Corp. said the launch is going just as planned. “It was another excellent launch of Antares, and …

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Orbital Sciences Sends its First Commercial Cargo Ship to ISS

The AP reported yesterday that the Orbital Sciences Corporation successfully launched a rocket from the eastern shore of Virginia. The occasion was marked, as most occasions are, by a tweet: We have #Cygnus separation! Look out ISS, here we come. #COTSDemo — Orbital Sciences (@OrbitalSciences) September 18, 2013 OSC’s Cygnus capsule is bound for NASA’s International Space Station with 1300 …

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