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Nomorobo to the Robocall Rescue!

The latest tool in the battle against solicitor calls is Nomorobo, which went live as of yesterday. The goal of ‘no more robo’ is ultimately preventing robocalls, those calls that the FTC Do-Not-Call lists were supposed to take care of (according to Gizmag, the FTC receives about 200,000 robocall complaints a month). The service is free, but not many phone …

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Reverse Robocall Site Allows You To Get Revenge Against Politicians

There’s really no time of the year quite like election season. It’s when we really get to see the best in everyone, specifically our politicians. We all know of the television commercials, where political opponents paint the other as someone who’s out to take your money and/or job. One strategy which is a staple of campaigning is the robocall. Robocalls …

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