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Happy Birthday, Rick Astley!

Today is the birthday of someone who has given so much to the interwebs and asked so little in return. A man whose music has led to one of the most enduring memes in history. Today, we celebrate the 46th birthday of Rick Astley. Rick Astley, as you probably know, had a hit song in 1987 called “Never Gonna Give …

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Les Paul Google Doodle Gets Rickrolled

Of course it did. Yesterday’s nifty Les Paul-inspired Google Doodle was put to good, familiar use by an artist named Joe Sabia, who is very gifted at remixing web videos. While I’m sure there were many different attempts at various songs, check out Josh’s article for some examples, Sabia was wise enough to record his creation. Sabia, as pointed out …

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Smithsonian Institute Tracking Internet Memes

Is the Smithsonian Institute in the process of making themselves into a brick-and-mortar version of Internet Archive, or are they simply trying to produce an article that gets good pageviews? Considering their “Most Popular” articles section is nestled inside these articles, it’s unknown whether or not these posts will equate to live exhibits, but they are succeeding in the pageviews …

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