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Twitter Now Shows You Exactly How Many Retweets You Receive Twitter Now Shows You Exactly How Many Retweets You Receive

Are you incredibly popular on Twitter – so popular that it’s commonplace for you to receive over 50 retweets of one of your 140-character brain farts? If not, are you curious to see just how popular the Twitter elite really …

Pentametron Retweets in Iambic Pentameter Pentametron Retweets in Iambic Pentameter

Normally bots are a bad thing. They are associated with spam, phishing fraud, and identity theft. Rarely do they give us something fun and exciting write about. Ranjit Bhatnagar is changing all that with a bot that retweets peoples tweets …

Twitter Implementing Retweets On A Small Scale

Remember Twitter’s plans to make “retweeting” an official function?

Sure you do, the mock-ups looked like this:

Well, Twitter just announced the following:

Twitter Looking To Make ‘Retweets’ Official
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If you’re a new Twitter user, you’ve probably stumbled over the correct etiquette for "retweeting" someone else’s tweet. Do you use "RT: @andybeal…." or "Retweeting @andybeal….."? And what about those precious characters lost when you retweet? We only get 140 to start with!

Well, Twitter has watched the practice of retweeting closely and thinks it has an official solution. The question is, will you like it?

Twitter Phasing Out The Term Updates In Favor Of Tweets
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Twitter has changed the word "updates" to "tweets" on user profiles. Though the change seems insignificant, it’s the first time the famed microblogging site has used the term "tweet" on their site.

Twitter changes updates to tweets

Does Retweeting Praise For Yourself Mean You Have A Big Ego?

Last night on Twitter, I saw a pretty high-profile user retweet a message he’d received from one of his connections. It was high praise about this person, and was retweeted verbatim with no changes to the text.

My initial reaction to that was to ask the following question to the Twittersphere: