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Study: Email Fatigue Not An Issue In Q4 Study: Email Fatigue Not An Issue In Q4

Return Path has a new study out looking at consumer email behavior in Q4 2014. Its main finding is that instead of experiencing “email fatigue” during the holiday season, consumers welcomed more messages from retailers. This “contradicts common theories about …

Nearly 20% Of Marketing Emails Fail To Arrive
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Nearly twenty percent (19.9%) of commercial, permissioned emails never reached consumers inboxes in the United States and Canada in the second half of 2009, according to a new report from Return Path.

Study Looks at Email Deliverability Issues
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eMarketer points to a recent study from return path, which shows that email marketers may be having more trouble getting their emails delivered than they realize. According to the firm, over 20% of mailings in the US and Canada are not reaching their intended inboxes.

We’re talking about permission-based email marketing here. Return Path says:

Marketing Emails Missing Inboxes
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More than 20 percent of commercial, permission-based email does not reach the inboxes of intended subscribers in the United States and Canada, according to email management firm Return Path.

The study found emails reached only 79.3 percent of inboxes in the United States and in Canada during the first half of 2009. With the undelivered email, 3.3 percent is routed to a junk or bulk email folder and 17.4 percent is not delivered at all.

Return Path Takes On Email Fray

As advocates and detractors of the impending implementation of Goodmail’s Certified Email service at AOL and Yahoo continue to battle, Return Path thinks commercial senders can all benefit from its Sender Score concept.