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Please Fund This Time-Traveling Bear-Punching Kickstarter Project

Today’s awesome-looking Kickstarter project that you need to be aware of is FIST OF AWESOME, a “retro-style beat-em-up of truly epic proportions.” We’re talking epic level punching bears in the face here. According to the developer, Nicoll Hunt, here’s what you can expect from FIST OF AWESOME: FIST OF AWESOME is a time-travelling-lumberjack-em-up, a sorely underrepresented genre by anyone’s metric. …

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Game Genie for PlayStation 3 to Debut at E3

Do you remember the feeling of swapping Game Genie codes with your friends at school or looking up codes over your dial-up internet connection? Do you remember the feeling of inserting your Super Nintendo cartridge into a Game Genie and watching Mario jump off the screen while enjoying infinite lives and cape feathers? If you share these nostalgic feelings, prepare …

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Google, Facebook , and Twitter If They Were Invented in the 80’s

Squirrel Monkey loves to remind us of how old we are. Last week we brought you Angry Birds if released in 1982, now see what some well known websites might look like to people in the Eighties. This is what might happen if you took a time machine back to 1985 to invent Google and cash in on the massive …

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Nightmare Busters: First New Super Nintendo Title in 15 years To Be Released In 2013

Spotted on Reddit today, the boys over at Super Fighter Team are in the midst of making the first Super Nintendo game for release in the United States in more than 15 years. This Run’n’Gun title has a tentative ship date of 2013 and demand has been so high that they have started taking pre-orders. Super Fighter Team is a …

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