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Other Wife Found on Facebook: Bigamist Caught by Social Media

Keeping a double life organized must be hard enough without the intrusion of social media. One man learned the hard way this week that Facebook only allows users to link their relationship status to one person at a time. According to an Associated Press report, a corrections officer in Seattle was outed as a bigamist after one of his wives …

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Cut Out the BS and Use Facebook For What Zuckerberg Intended With RelationBook

Do you remember that moment in The Social Network when Mark Zuckerberg is prodded about the relationship status of some girl in one of his classes? It’s like the “aha” moment halfway through the film, where Zuck has an epiphany about the one thing that would make Facebook popular to millions of people around the world. “People don’t walk around …

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Is Facebook Eavesdropping on Your Romantic Relationships? [Infographic]

Facebook is a great place for reconnecting with people and helping to maintain relationships. In fact, many users are vigilant about keeping their relationship status up-to-date and informing everyone about all the changes that take place in their lives. While you may not realize it, Facebook is keeping track of all these relationships you have so neatly organized in your …

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