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LinkedIn Celebrates 3 Million Members In The UK

If you didn’t read or somehow couldn’t guess from the title, LinkedIn’s hit a significant milestone, attracting its 3 millionth member in the UK.  This is a very good sign for the networking site that’s focused on connecting people aside from those who see each other at school or parties every week.

LinkedIn, Twitter Connect Through Status Updates
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LinkedIn has developed a reputation for being a rather sedate, professional site.  Twitter, on the other hand, is at the anything-goes, trend-of-the-minute end of the social networking spectrum.  But last night, the two companies announced a partnership that should see a bit of back-and-forth result.

LinkedIn Founder on the Future of Social Data
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LinkedIn Founder Reid Hoffman is featured in a video from Nokia’s IdeasProject.com. He talks about new products being created from the social data that is available on the Internet.

Introducing The New CEO Of LinkedIn

Well, looks like some folks over at LinkedIn are going to be busy updating their profiles. Reid Hoffman’s will now include Founder and CEO of LinkedIn followed by Chairman of the Board of LinkedIn followed by interim CEO of LinkedIn and now landing at Executive Chairman of LinkedIn. Good thing Reid has stuck around to fill in the gaps.

Weiner Becomes LinkedIn CEO

LinkedIn has named Jeff Weiner as its CEO, replacing Reid Hoffman, who wil remain on as founder and executive chairman. Weiner has been in the interim president role since January.

During Weiner’s time in the President role, he has overseen all operations and played a defining role in developing and excuting the company’s strategy on a global scale.

LinkedIn Stands Out in Terms of Revenue
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LinkedIn is a social network that often gets lost in the shuffle with greater attention being paid to Facebook and Twitter, but LinkedIn is making money focusing on its niche of professional networking.

Marketing Shift, which notes that LinkedIn just came off its most successful quarter yet, takes a look at the network’s "three-pronged" revenue model:

Things You May Not Know About LinkedIn

Do you use LinkedIn? OK, you’re all savvy marketers so perhaps the better question is; how do you use LinkedIn?