Apple Stores Revamp: Are They Getting Even Swankier?

Apple Stores Revamp: Are They Getting Even Swankier?

By Josh Wolford February 18, 2015

One could say that Apple, and thus its many retail stores, already cater to the wealthy – or at least those with a bit of disposable income. But could Apple make its stores feel even more exclusive – especially ahead …

Google Makes Google+ “Simpler, More Beautiful” Google Makes Google+ “Simpler, More Beautiful”

Google is in the process of introducing a more “functional and flexible version” of Google+, in an effort to attract more and more users to their social media hub. Aside from a refined look and feel, there’s also some structural …

New York Post Celebrates Super Bowl Win New York Post Celebrates Super Bowl Win

What do you do when your team wins the Super Bowl? You would usually jump in a celebratory “hooray” and then go on with your business. The New York Post sees things differently. It wants the world to know that …

Vimeo Redesigns Site Vimeo Redesigns Site
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Video sharing site Vimeo has done a major site overhaul. The changes are intended to put more focus on the videos themselves, and to allow for future additions and redesigns to be more easily implemented. The video player itself is …

What Do You Think of Gmail’s New Look? What Do You Think of Gmail’s New Look?

It appears Gmail’s new look has been activated for all users. What do you think of Gmail’s new look? Let us know in the comments. Some new/updated features you’ll notice in Gmail are: New Conversation View The conversation view has …

Introducing the New Google Bar Introducing the New Google Bar

Back in June Google began rolling out a new look and feel for Gmail, Search, News, Maps, Reader, and quite a few of their other products. Their goal was to create a unified look. Well today they’ve introduced the next …

Former Google Reader Developer Wants to Roll It Back Former Google Reader Developer Wants to Roll It Back

The reaction to the “Plus-ification” of Google Reader has been heard loud and clear, at least in regards to people not being incredibly happy with the new look. While the fallout may have been disapproving, it hasn’t caused much if …

TechCrunch Redesign: Kevin Rose & Chris Sacca Don’t Approve TechCrunch Redesign: Kevin Rose & Chris Sacca Don’t Approve
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Sometime over the last 24 hours TechCrunch launched a redesign of their popular blog. Apparently the design began back last fall, before AOL’s acquisition of TechCrunch and suffered “innumerable twists and turns along the way“, according to Dave Feldman, product …

MySpace Redesigns Profile Pages

MySpace has long been criticized for poor design and as part of a turnaround effort, the struggling social networker has finally done something about it.  The new profiles are not available throughout the site, but Sean Percival, MySpace’s VP of Online Marketing, tweeted about his own "clean new" profile early on Friday.

Google’s New SERPs Come in Mobile Too
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Google announced today that it is rolling out its newly redesigned SERPs (search engine results pages). In a separate announcement, the company noted that the new results go for the mobile version of Google as well.

StumbleUpon Integrating More Social Aspects Into Redesign

Earlier this month, StumbleUpon started showcasing their new homepage design, when they touted their “Google + Twitter” social search. Now they’ve gone through the rest of the site to make it more consistent (less customizable), easy to understand and streamlined.

Breaking Down Twitter’s New Homepage
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On Tuesday, we told you about the launch of Twitter’s new homepage. The revamped design sports a sleek look that is pretty easy on the eye. But, once you get past the pleasing aesthetics, you’ll also see that Twitter has added a search capability and popular topics, which in turn could mean an influx of Twitterers.

CitySearch To Increase Mobile And Social Features

citysearchLocal review site Citysearch has announced an overhaul to its mobile and web sites. Now in beta, Mobile by Citysearch adds enhanced features for mobile users, and the new website integrates more local and social aspects.

Facebook Redesign, Not Bad

 Last night, my husband was logging in to Facebook when he noticed something was different.

Google Japan Gets New Design

The Google Japan homepage was redesigned, as some of you are seeing it (and as the Google Japan blog reports). Perhaps this only shows in some locations – I can’t see it yet – but Colin Colehour posted some screenshots in the forum. As far as I can tell the four tabs consist of: