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LinkedIn Continues Adding Features to Recruiter
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LinkedIn has added several features to its Recruiter platform. These include real-time profile matches, mini profiles, and free InMails to 1st degree and fellow group members.

Monster Talks Up its New Search Technology
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Popular jobs site Monster.com has introduced a new semantic search technology called 6Sense, which it says delivers "precision matches" for job seekers and employers. The technology powers Monster’s Power Resume Search, Candidate Spotlight and Seeker Job Search.

Using Social Media To Get Work

If you prefer to live in the real world you will agree that the job situation in the US is not getting better any time soon. If there are any political pundit types out there who want to duke it out about the what’s and why’s of this situation that’s fine. I’m just stating a fact.

Facebook Creeping In on LinkedIn’s Territory?
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According to comScore, one of the fastest growing online categories over the past year has been Job Search. This is not surprising news by any means.

LinkedIn Introduces Custom Profiles for Companies
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LinkedIn has launched new custom company profiles. These let companies and other organizations create rich, multimedia overviews of what they are all about for prospects to view and engage with.

The custom company profile displays content that company’s can easily tailor and update, and the content dynamically adapts to the viewers, based on their industry, job function, location, and seniority. This is good for targeting.

Yahoo Puts New Spin on the Recruiting Process
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Today Yahoo! released what it refers to as the first performance-based online recruitment product, Yahoo! HotJobs Pay Per Candidate. The new HotJobs feature lets recruiters pay for candidates instead of just per listing.

The idea is that this will help recruiters tie their dollars directly to their results. The recruitment community will get its first look at the product at the upcoming Society for Human Resource Management conference starting June 28 in New Orleans.

Google Courting More Students With Email

Google’s serious about creating relationships with the greater Academia – its founders were collegiate all-stars building printers out of Legos, and of course badly-named search engines (Google was once called BackRub, we imagine because that was Larry Page’s best pickup line) – ahem, as more and more universities turn their email systems over to the search engine company.

Job-A-Matic Recruiting Appeal With Bloggers
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Job search engine Simply Hired has been gaining ground with its Job-a-matic service, snagging over 600 bloggers and other site publishers since launch.

HR Handbook: A Guide in Recruiting

A human resource handbook serves as a manual guide of all the rules, processes and policies applicable to your employee at the workplace. If your staff needs to know leave and time policies, it should be found in the HR handbook.

Recruiting through Professional Associations

If you’re looking to recruit the best and brightest, you can find many of them in professional associations. But before you jump in, learn how to do it right.

Google China Can Begin Recruiting

The public face of Google China on the mainland will be that of former Microsoft executive Dr. Kai-Fu Lee.

Google Claims Lee Case Hurts Talent Recruiting

The search engine’s China operations could be impacted for over a year unless the court tosses out Dr. Kai-Fu Lee’s noncompete agreement.

Find Me Some Google Videos

The search is on for good videos through the now living-up-to-some-of-its-potential Google Video Search. So, what have you found so far?

Microsoft Recruiting Paid Bloggers

MSN recently put out a call to hire paid bloggers to write and edit Web sites about five broad topics…

Recruiting Through Your Web Site

This just in: there are unemployed people in the United States, and a large portion of them may just have the skills you’re looking for in a worker. The problem, of course, is finding a way to find them.

Web Enhanced Recruiting: Integrating the Internet Into Your Staffing Process

The web can vastly expand an organization’s ability to search for talent and present itself as an employer. The web has enabled us to put more company information and job information in the hands of job seekers. Just has job seekers want to present themselves in a favorable way towards employers, so do the companies.

The Fundamental Flaws of Recruiting through Headhunters

Over the last few years it has become increasingly popular to use recruiting agencies to find new colleagues. When hiring labourers this way, it may be reasonable, but this huge mistake and is a cardinal sin for hiring colleagues for professional service businesses.