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American Wealth Still Down Since the Recession, Shows Study

Though the U.S. was hit hard by the recession and the popped housing market bubble, generous infusions of government money have managed to begin turning the numbers around. Employment numbers are slowly rising, though income remains largely stagnant. Wall Street is back on its feet, though that won’t mean much for a majority of Americans. In all, economic indicators are …

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Jobless Benefits Undecided By the Senate

Jobless benefits expired for more than 1.3 million Americans on December 28, 2013. Since that date the total number of long-term unemployed Americans has increased to 1.4 million. The issue was raised today in the U.S. Senate however Republicans and Democrats could not reach an agreement on the best course of action for determining long-term jobless benefits. According to Senator …

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NPR Buyouts: Plan To Cut Staff By 10%

NPR announced on Friday that it will attempt to reduce its staff by about 10% through voluntary buyouts, in order to balance the budget. NPR is a very popular source of news and entertainment for many people, and it is sad to hear of news like this. Hopefully people will not have to miss out on too many of their …

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Hansen Clarke: Congressman Introduces The Student Loan Forgiveness Act of 2012

Student loan forgiveness is a hot button issue in America right now and there are many voices on each side. One side believes that given the state of the economy and the vanishing of middle class job opportunities, we need to shift towards a more forgiving approach such as loan forgiveness or Income Based Repayment (IBR). On the other side …

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LinkedIn: Great Recession Industry Trends

LinkedIn, with assistance from the Council Of Economic Advisors, recently took a look at the “data exhaust” of its over 150 million members, to get a better understanding of certain industry trends during and after the recent economic recession. With data gleaned from the partnership, LinkedIn was able to calculate the growth rates of certain industries occurring between 2007 and …

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