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Google Trends Goes Real-Time

Google just announced its biggest update to Google Trends since 2012 when it merged with Insights for Search. The new version provides users with real-time data about trending searches ranked in order of popularity. On the homepage, there’s a ranked, real-time list of trending stories, which takes into account not only Google searches, but YouTube and Google News searches as …

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Google Puts Real-Time Tweets in Mobile Search Results

Earlier this year, Google and Twitter made nice and struck a deal to bring more tweets to Google search results. Today, the fruits of said deal are going live on mobile. Of course, it’s not as if you couldn’t surface tweets in Google search results if you tried – but this new deal gives real-time tweets more prominence in mobile …

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Google Announces Firebase Acquisition

Google announced that it has acquired Firebase, adding its team to its own Google Cloud Platform team. The startup has developed wasy to make it easier for developers to build mobile and web apps that store and sync data in realtime. Google’s Greg DeMichillie had this to say in a blog post: Mobile is one of the fastest-growing categories of …

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YouTube Gets Realtime Analytics Report

YouTube is now offering a realtime report for video publishers showing estimated views data for the last five published videos. The data is also available for any individual video. Google says the report can give you early insights into the performance of a video to help you adjust your promotion strategy. The report shows graphs for hour-by-hour data for a …

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World Series: Here’s What Twitter Is Saying In Real Time

Currently the Boston Red Sox are leading the St. Louis Cardinals in the series 3 games to 2. Follow what people are saying about the game in real time. Here’s the #WorldSeries conversation: Tweets about “#WorldSeries” There have been reports that large crowds are beginning to gather around various points of Boston in hopes of a Boston win:

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Tweetbeat Launches for Following Events Without Hashtags

Kosmix announced Tweetbeat today. A representative for the company tells WebProNews this product will "change the way that we observe and participate in live events forever." A bit dramatic perhaps, but it did just go live and provides tweets about major events, in real-time. 

It’s dubbed as a way to keep up with live sports, headline news, TV shows, conferences, etc. The company tell us it is significant because:

–  It bubbles up the most important/talked about events happening on Twitter

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