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Katy Perry: Nuns Now Say They DO Have Moral Objection To Selling Convent To Singer

Katy Perry just wanted to buy a nice place where she could live, walk in the garden, meditate. The Archdiocese of Los Angeles had just such a place for sale. But the nuns who used to live at the place have already tried to sell it to a restaurant developer. The Archdiocese said the deal the nuns struck won’t work, …

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Katy Perry Is Still Fighting With Nuns Over $15 Million Estate

Sister Rita Callanan and Sister Catherine Rose Holzman have requested for a temporary restraining order against the sale of their estate to famous singer Katy Perry. The nuns, who were from the Immaculate Heart of Mary order, declared that selling the property to the “Roar” singer would violate their canonical vows to the Catholic church because of her “public image.” …

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Katy Perry Convent Fight Over Money, Not Morals, Music, John Mayer or Russell Brand

Katy Perry is running into a few problems with her proposed purchase of a convent in California. When the songstress offered to buy the former nunnery, at least a few of the former occupants of the property were on board with the idea. After all the deal was better in some ways for them than the previous offer they had. …

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