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LinkedIn Announces the New LinkedIn Profile LinkedIn Announces the New LinkedIn Profile

At a rare announcement event today, LinkedIn announced the “new” LinkedIn, which includes an updated profile page. “[It’s] one of the biggest changes to a pillar product in LinkedIn’s history,” said Jeff Weiner, LinkedIn CEO. Weiner introduced today’s event, which …

New PlayStation 3 Ad Shows Off Re-Designed Console in an Odd Way

Earlier this month at the Tokyo Game Show, Sony revealed its new re-re-designed PlayStation 3. The newest model of the console is even smaller than the last – 20% smaller and 25% lighter than the PlayStation 3 Slim, to be …

Twitter Launches New Homepage Design
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This past Friday we told you about the new Twitter homepage that was just days away. Well,  now @Biz has updated the Twitter blog informing us that the new design has been launched.

New Twitter homepage