LinkedIn Announces the New LinkedIn Profile

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At a rare announcement event today, LinkedIn announced the "new" LinkedIn, which includes an updated profile page.

"[It's] one of the biggest changes to a pillar product in LinkedIn's history," said Jeff Weiner, LinkedIn CEO. Weiner introduced today's event, which was a rare Apple-style live announcement for LinkedIn.

After Deep Nishar, senior VP of products at LinkedIn, highlighted how quickly LinkedIn is growing (50 million new members this year), Aaron Bronzan, product manager at LinkedIn, took the stage to announce the new LinkedIn profile page

Bronzan stated that LinkedIn's design goal was to simplify the page and provide new tools to provide relevant insights to LinkedIn members so that they will use the service every day.

At the beginning of the event Weiner made the point that LinkedIn users are now updating their profiles even when they are not currently looking for work. The biggest change to the LinkedIn profile page, streamlined profile editing, reflects this.

"We've taken profile editing and re-built it from the ground up," said Bronzan.

Members can now edit their profiles in-line, changing things on the fly. The skill endorsements that LinkedIn rolled out last month have also been made simpler, and members can now endorse specific skills for people in their network with one click.

To provide members with those relevant insights Bronzan mentioned, LinkedIn has provided new tools that display profile information and network connections in a more visual style. Activitiy is now front-and-center at the top of the profile, to encourage members to interact on a more regualr basis. There is also a tool that compares members' interests and skills when visiting the profile of someone they've connected with, or other other helpful information to help connect with people they do not yet know. Members can also now filter through their connection's connections with a search feature, allowing them to find people with specific skills to network with.

The new LinkedIn profile rolls out to members starting today.