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iPhone 5 Demand Hits “Unprecedented” High

The iPhone 5 hasn’t even been announced and already people are sure that they are going to buy it. That’s the takeaway from a survey reported by RBC Capital today. Of course, the next-gen Apple smartphone doesn’t have to be officially announced for people to speculate about its arrival. The most up to date rumors put the iPhone 5 release …

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Google’s Financials Praised Yet Again

Don’t be surprised if you get a sense of dj vu while reading this article; except for a few details, the development it covers is the same as something that happened last week.  An RBC analyst has essentially followed in the footsteps of a Barclays analyst and improved his forecast for Google’s stock.

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Analyst Predicts Big Gains For Yahoo Post-Microsoft Deal

Maybe Yahoo’s deal with Microsoft was a smart move, after all.  RBC analyst Ross Sandler has stepped forward to say that it’ll have a positive financial effect on Carol Bartz’s company, boosting certain figures significantly above forecasted levels. 

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