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Motorola Announces Another RAZR Smartphone

Last month Motorola announced its new Droid-branded smartphone lineup. The phones appear to be modern smartphones, but weren’t mind-blowing, except possibly for their long battery life. Today, Motorola has announced yet another addition to its smartphone products, the RAZR i. Calling the device a “full-screen” smartphone, Motorola states that the 4.3-inch display on the smartphone spans from edge-to-edge on the …

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Motorola Announces Three New Razrs For Verizon

They haven’t met with the same success as Samsung, but Motorola has created some of the best Android phones on the market. They’re poised to take on the market in an entirely new way thanks to their new owners at Google. The new product announcements today seem to just confirm that Google is taking its entrance into the hardware market …

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