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SWAT Team Throws Flash Grenade Into Child’s Crib

One of the initial phases to insure a properly executed raid is to collect as much data on the purported location and its targets: ☒ Do methamphetamine transactions take place here? ☒ Does the owner have guns? ☐ Are there any children? At Lakeview Heights Circle in Habersham County, Georgia, Cornelia police conducted a no-knock raid for a drug warrant …

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FDA Raid Nabs $2 Million in Banned Dietary Supplements

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) today announced that it last week led a raid on Norcross, Georgia dietary supplement manufacturer Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals. During the raid, U.S. Marshals seized more than 1,500 cases of weight loss products. The goods, along with more than 1,200 pounds of raw manufacturing materials and substances, have an estimated retail value of around $2 …

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Kerdasa Raid: Pro-Morsi Town Targeted by Military

At 5:30 yesterday morning, Egyptian security forces entered the town of Kerdasa, 14 miles west of Cairo and only 3 miles from the Pyramids of Giza. Since the ousting of president Morsi in July, Kerdasa has become a stronghold for Islamic militants who oppose the coup. This raid comes after another raid that occurred earlier this week in the southern …

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FBI Raid Hits California State Senator Ron Calderon

The FBI on Tuesday raided the offices of California State Senator Ron Calderon. According to a Los Angeles Times report, the 90-minute search is connected to an investigation into the Latino Legislative Caucus. Calderon, the democratic senator representing California’s 30th Senate District and the vice chair of the caucus, is reportedly the focus of the investigation. What exactly the investigation …

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Oaksterdam: Marijuana University Raided By Feds

Richard Lee, who founded and runs a school–Oaksterdam–to train people in the marijuana industry, saw his university and private residence raided yesterday after D.E.A. agents served him a search warrant. The agents took stacks of paperwork and files along with several bags of marijuana plants, but did not give a reason as to why they had obtained a search warrant. …

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Kim Dotcom’s Mansion Raided By Special Tactics Force, Details

A helicopter hovered above the ground, a squadron of highly trained men erupted from the chopper. Armed to the teeth, the men raided the fortress of MegaUpload founder Kim Dotcom searching for the file sharing kingpin Officials raided the mansion, invading room after room searching for firearms and bombs and other threats that may pose themselves. According to popular site …

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