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Egypt Pyramids Warning: Egypt Condemns “Baseless” US Warning
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With all the unrest in the Middle East over the last couple of years (well, the last few decades, but the last couple of years in particular) you may be inclined to think twice before visiting some of that regions …

Sphinx Destruction Imminent If One Man Has His Way
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For years, the Sphinx and various pyramids around Egypt have offered few clues as to their origin; it has been up to us to decipher how the magnificent structures were built in ancient times and why they are such perfect …

Google Earth Scout Thinks She’s Found Lost Egyptian Pyramids Google Earth Scout Thinks She’s Found Lost Egyptian Pyramids
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People uncover weird stuff all the time using Google Earth satellite imagery – alien structures, crop circles, the lost city of Atlantis, and structures that resemble giant male members, just to name a few. But now, a satellite archaeology researcher …

10,000 Year Old Ruins Discovered In Syria
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A city that is older than the pyramids lies about 50 miles from Damascus and there is no way for anyone to get there because of war. Fragments of stone tools, stone circles and lines on the ground, and even …