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Waterboarding Trial: Former Pediatrician Faces Cross-Examination

A¬†waterboarding¬†trial involving a former Delaware Pediatrician resumed Tuesday with a cross-examination of the defendant. Melvin Morse, 60, is accused of intentionally tormenting his stepdaughter by holding her head underneath a sink faucet. According to the girl’s younger sister and mother, Pauline, Morse would use hair washing as a form of punishment. During the cross-examination, Morse refuted their accusations. He testified …

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‘Stoning Adulterers’ May Become Afghan Punishment

Warning: Graphic Content in Video Below. Against public outcry (both inside and outside of Afghanistan) governmental representatives for the country are considering reinstating a punishment that many would like to see relegated to the history books under topics such as “cruel and unusual punishments” and “tortures of the past” in spite of the fact that other countries practice these forms …

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North Korea Executes 80 for Bad TV, Having a Bible

In the past year, North Korea came under international criticism when details of gulag-like prisons leaked out from defectors. Although the world reacted in horror as those details included the familiar stories of loved ones disappearing mysteriously in true Stalinist fashion, little international momentum was gained. The latest human rights violations from North Korea might change that. Fox News and …

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Supermax Prisons: Created in Response to Aryan Murders

Slate crime correspondent Justin Peters wrote a story last week that explored the origins of the Super-maximum-security prison. In 1983, the Marion Penitentiary in Illinois was the toughest prison in the federal system. In Marion’s maximum-security complex, the most dangerous and violent federal inmates were held; the worst had to live in the “control unit,” which Peters equated with being …

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