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No Pants Subway Ride: Riders Donning Drawers Draw Attention

“I look up and there’s this guy with no pants on.” This is the how the “No Pants Subway Ride” was originally conceived – with a woman, being secretly recorded on the 6 Train as she served as the “butt” of a joke. “The idea was just very simple,” said the man who initiated the Improve Everywhere gag back in …

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Indian Railways To Get Google Maps Real-Time Info

Several areas in the world have been gifted the trans-communication treat that is real-time information provided by Google Maps. The next country in line to get the travel info service may be India by way of Indian Railways. Fixing GPS devices to trains in order to integrate them with Google Maps would provide accuracy within two minutes without stations having …

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Philadelphia Cell Phone Jammer Confronted

NBC10 in Philadelphia has tracked down a man they caught jamming people’s cell phone transmission on the public bus commute.The Philadelphia cell phone jammer was first discovered by an employee of the news station who wishes to remain anonymous, but for the sake of the story she will be referred to as Marie. She explains what was happening when she …

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